Looks like my only option for this saliva problem is Botox. Pros/cons from someone who knows?

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Jul 15, 2021
Have already tried amitriptyline and the under tongue drops (eye drops) and the other Glycopyrrol, nothing works. Still saliva pools under my tongue and spills out my mouth. I sit there half the time with a paper towel or Kleenex in my mouth or wiping constantly. They set me up for Botox when I go to ALS Clinic the week after next. Need to know if this is going to work? Pros? Cons? From someone who knows firsthand please, thanks!
I got a proscription from my neurologist that worked fine but I can't remember the name of it.
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Yeah prescriptions aren't working :(
My PALS got botox injections. He thought they would work immediately but it was probably over a month before he realized how much difference they had made.
My mom got Botox for her excessive saliva and it completely prevented her from being able to swallow..it also created a new thick sticky saliva that she would choke on and had to use a machine to suck it out bc her swallowing was gone. ..her botox has since worn off and the normal consistency saliva has returned but so has some of her ability to swallow..she is so much happier to deal with it now.
Hope this helps!
That's what I am worried about is the ability to swallow or have no saliva at all :(
So glad to find this tread. Glyc failed and put him in heart failure- Scapolomine, he went bezerk and urine turned DARK amber and couldnt pee more that 2oz, Im afraid, now they want botox, think we are going to pass
got Botox injections 8 days ago so far no changes good or bad
Ask about radiation. With my dad we did radiation which helped him massively. They basically they did extreme radiation via essentially an X-ray type machine and put it up to his face to kill the salivary glands. Was a good success for him.
I got it twice. Regret doing so. Created stringy sticky mucus. Second time doctor said he would try different location… not much better. Just going to deal with it now.
just going to opt not to do it. dont want to risk not being able to swallow or the other side effects people mentioned.
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