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Jan 2, 2007
Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

A few months ago my dad was diagnosed with ALS.:cry: Currently he has lost the use of his right hand and sometimes stumbles when walking. I have searched many times the past month for a support group in my area and have failed. If anybody knows of one in Montana I would be greatful for the information. I wish all of you good luck in your fight against ALS. I think it is great that we have tools like the web to find additional support that we will all need sometime if not now. My biggest fear is that my dad will not get to see my children graduate from highschool and he will not know his great grandchildren. :cry: Thanks for listening!
Your right. I don't see any support groups in your area. One of the main purposes of a support group is the opportunity to pick the brains of those who have already experienced what you are about to. This forum is overflowing with just those people, waiting to help. Welcome aboard.

thanks mike

I am very thankful for this forum. I have been reading other posts and it is already helping me cope better with knowing that I am not alone. I give thanks to the lord everyday for helping me through this trying time. I have a few best friends who are very supportive and my mom and me talk every day. Thank god we live in the same city. It only takes me 20 min to get from my place to theirs. I just hope I have lots more time for the summer camping trips my family takes together. Even if me and my husband have to pull them up to the mountain We are going to make sure that happens. Hopefully not for a couple of years but who knows as each persons symptons seem to vary so much. Thanks again and god bless. Keep me in mind if you here of any support groups in my area.
Welcome hkohlman. I hope you find this board as warm and informative as I have found it to be! SOrry to hear about your Dad. Good luck in your search for support and keep us informed. Cindy
thanks cindy

Thanks for the welcome! I will be sure to keep things updated as it changes. Have a good day!:mrgreen: Heather
Finally a post from someone else in Montana and I didnt see it! I am such a busy-body I thought nothing could slip by me. Heather I sent you a private message today but though I would post here too in case it comes up for anyone else. The MDA office ( out of Billings MT does have some ALS support programs, I think they try and have an annual retreat for PALS and CALS among other things, workshops, they do have an ALS Clinic for doctoring, though we never made it down there but they would pay for whatever isnt covered by insurance and our motel bill even. And they have an equipment loan closet and help pay for wheeelchairs and speech devices($2000)

and welcome Heather, we look forward to getting to know you better...
Beth (CALS to Shannon, diagnoseded 8/04 at age 40)
So nice that you two could connect! It is good to the forum work in this way.
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