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Oct 13, 2004
I received the following request in an email from today...

I live in Edmonds, Washington and I have had ALS for over
three years, having been diagnosed in November of 2002. At this point
in my progression (I have limb-onset) I have very little movement of
my arms and legs. Since I can't move my legs, my hips ache after
about two to three hours of sleeping. At this point, I have to wake
up my wife three or more times a night to turn me over. I would like
to know if you are using either an alternating pressure mattress
overlay or a low air-loss mattress overlay. I would like to know your
experiences, the pros and cons, brand names, and costs. I have been
looking at alternating pressure overlays (2 1/2 inches thick) by
Tuffcare and Nova, and a low air loss overlay by Sapphire and



Can anyone help him with some info? :D

Hi Kyle. I'm not sure what they call the mattress pad that we got for me but it looks like an upside down egg carton. It is fairly dense foam and Wal Mart sells one at about 29.95 and I think it was about 1 1/2 inches thick. We got a thicker one 2 1/2 inches at Shoppers Home Care (a drug store chain here in Ontario) and I find it really takes the pressure off my joints. I sleep mostly on my sides and can go 4 to 5 hours before my shoulders get sore and I need to turn. For $ 54 it might be worth a try. I was away one night and my wife slept on my side of the bed and she has back problems and she went and got one for herself. If you need the real name of it let me know and I'll call the store.
HI Mike:

I remember going through a thread a couple of years back about this... unfortunately thats all I rememebr. We used the "foam egg carton" as well... and a sheepskin.
Hope this helps.


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