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Jul 9, 2007

Just looking for some advice. I am a 38 year old male who has been experiencing some neuromuscular problems for the past 2 years. My symptoms include:

Widespread muscle twitching, but mainly in my calves and feet.

Slight weakening of muscle strength (legs, arms and back) over that time period.

Widespread muscles stiffness.

Some joint pain – especially my right ankle.

Developed eye floaters ~ 7 years ago – I see them all the time.

I can still do 25 pushups and run for 50 minutes (although I do feel more fatigued when I’m done that I used to) – should I have seen more of decrease in my strength by now with ALS? What else could this be?

Hi Trackster. I'm jealous that you can run for 50 minutes. I miss exercise. This morning I did 4 straight leg lifts on each leg and felt like I'd done a good run. But I had trouble climbing stairs the rest of the day and can't hop or jump again. Maybe tomorrow.

My point is, I am hoping this is BFS, for both of us! There are a lot of diseases and conditions that mimic ALS and they are not nearly so distressing. Get a neorological exam because chances are you might have something treatable. Good luck! Cindy
I would go to a neuromuscular clinic and get checked out.

Cindy - sounds like a muscle biopsy would really help you out. It would give you a diagnosis and probably treatment. Your symptoms are very much like mine.
Leslie-did you get your results yet? I missed that post. What are they saying?
PS-How's the job search going, or did you put that on hold pending improvement in your health? Just nosey-don't answer if you don't feel like it. I know it's not really my business, LOL.
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Of course it's your business...we're all an internet family here! I did put it on hold because of the muscle biopsy I had about 5-6 weeks ago. It has come back positive and the doc called to say I needed to see a different specialist in the clinic. He did say it was not als, which is definitely good news, but some of the other diagnosis such as inclusion body myositis, have the same prognosis. I am afraid of that. They are very closed mouthed about the diagnosis and won't let me know anything until my appt., which is tomorrow at 10:30. I hope I can survive whatever they have to tell me. I've been fighting for a diagnosis for over a year and a half and now that it's here I'm scared that I will give in to the illness. I will certainly let you know tomorrow. Leslie

I know you went on to your appt. today. We need to know what the DX is!
I am very concerned as are many others.


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