Looking for advice for Rheumatoid appointment

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Hi there-

Nope- the EMG measures signaling issues and not the physical movement of a twitch. Those signaling issues are still there, even if you can't see any muscle movement or twitches.

They test the most symptomatic place first. If there's no significant issue there, they often choose not to look further. This is a pretty normal procedure.
No and no.
The nerve damage caused by ALS cannot be hidden or revealed by twitches or cramps.
This is a ruleout EMG so since you have had issues with your calves, if the EMG shows normal motor neuron function there, that is saying not ALS.
If something else shows up, you deal with it from there depending on what it is.
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Thread has been edited so it remains on original topic. Please let us know how your appointment goes once you get new information from your doctors.

So I received my emg results please see attached. I have been advised by a UK forum member that although this isn't a normal/clean emg that it doesn't show anything that would suggest mnd or als and if it did it would say in the summary. That does sound like really good news.

I am going to book a Neurology appt which will hopefully happen next week as I have never seen a Neurologist due to these faciculation symptoms etc. My referral for an EMG was made by my Rheumatologist who was concerned about the video of my twitches and other issues.

Is there anything I should ask or talk about when I go for my Neurology appt. Obviously I will bring up my fasciculations and symptoms and I will also show him my emg.

Is there any need to ask for additional tests as these fasciculations are driving me mad as they were not found this emg but its the videos of them that made the original referral happen.

Many thanks for all your help. I'm hoping I can draw a line under the worst case scenario now and work out how to move forward for getting an idea of what is actually wrong s i was actually hoping for a totally clear emg with me so any insight is gratefully received.




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Ellie’s response was utterly correct. This is not remotely suggestive of als and it isn’t early stage or anything. It is barely a niggle and I expect the doctor will tell you that. Minor glitches are often seen Think of it as normal wear and tear on your body

If you have had blood work to check for things like chemical imbalance and vitamin deficiency I think that is pretty much it. Twitches may be annoying but in isolation they are not dangerous. Adequate rest hydration and nutrition coupled with stress management and reducing caffeine is the best treatment.

Please don’t push for tests the doctor doesn’t recommend. I know how overloaded the health system is there
HI Nikki,

Many thanks. All my appointments are paid for through my insurance in relation to this situation as the referral was made by my Rheumatologist.

Only my Rheumatologist is NHS and I will revert back to him now and see what he thinks next steps should be at my next appointment.

He put me on this road based on what he saw at my last appointment.

I'm glad to be coming off it.

Thank you for your advice.

I genuinely do appreciate it.

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