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Jun 23, 2005
My wife, Marga, was diagnosed in October 2003. At present, she is not ambulatory and has no use of her hands. Her speech is all but incomprehensible (we sometimes can figure out what she is saying by having her spell), but she has an Eyegaze system from LC Technologies that allows her to type out messages by eye movement.

We have a caregiver who comes in five days a week for five hours each day (paid for by her brother). This costs almost $290 per week. Though I am still working (part-time), we are not wealthy, and Marga's increasing needs have us thinking of live-in help (in the hope that it will be affordable).

Has anyone out there had experience with this strategy? How much does it cost? Have you found the people you hired to be dependable and caring? We interviewed someone last week. She wanted $350 a week for four days or $500 a week for five days. Her manner was insincere (overly affectionate towards someone she didn't know) and patronizing (as if assuming because Marga cannot speak that her hearing and/or understanding are impaired as well).

Have you had better success?
Wow, you do have a challange before you. It is so good to hear that you are there for her and working for what she needs. I don't have any answers to the questions you have asked but I know there are those here that will have thoughts, opinions, and experience. We are glad you have decdied to post with us and hope you will stick around and share and learn wtih us. Me
Sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't know where you live but a friend of ours has a mother with Alzheimers. She has had great sucess with live in Philippino caregivers. This was a couple of years ago but they were paying $1200 Canadian for this lady to live with the mother and give her constant care. She had one afternoon and evening off and Sundays off. The lady looked after her quite well and still visits the lady now that she has moved into a home. They originally found the caregiver through an agency but they also had one after that was a relative of the original one. If you know any Philippino's it might be worth asking around. Hope this helps.
I live in South Dakota and my fiance has had ALS for about 5 1/2 yrs and I met and brought him home from a nursing home and have found a company called preferred home health that will pay whomever you hire , even a family member to care for your loved one for up to 6hrs a day. I myself get paid to care for my fiance through them and it helps tremendously. I don't know how far thier service extends but you could give it a try. Thier number is 1-605-375-3738. They just have you fill out paper work every day on what you do for your loved one and keep of your time and send it in to them and they send you a check. They do come out and do a first time evaluation to see the needs of your loved one and then on a yearly basis. They give raises and christmas bonus also. And one of the lady's who runs the place , her father passed on from ALS.
Live in caregivers

good morning everyone. I am a hospice home health aide . I have been taking care of a Man the has been diagnosed with ALS. My patients wife has had little or no sleep its taking its toll. the expense of hiring liv in caregivers has been costly to my patient and his wife. He has been in his home vent and all finally as a last resort/back up plan he will be going to a nursing home where they can handle his schedule 24hr care.My patients wife has done an awesome job takin care of her husband. I have learned so much from all of you. you all are a blessing thank you Jackie
Hello, i know of filipino caregiver friends who are willing to go to Canada and be sponsored for the live-in caregiver program.

I am just helping my friends find employers since recruitment agencies in Hongkong and Manila charge astronomical fees. After the initial introductions, I will not be involved anymore.

Thanks Yolac. I have had a friend use 3 different Filipino Caregivers for my friends mother who has alzheimers. As I mentioned earlier she received the best of care from each of them. I would not hesitate to recommend them after the proper interviews are done and a work agreement is worked out.
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