Little finger and ALS

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Apr 3, 2024
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Is there any correlation between the two? I have had all over body twitches for the last week and today I’ve noticed when I hold my hands out that my right pink seems to have a mind of its own and moves away from ring finger (without me trying to move it).

I do have rampant OCD and my mind has been on ALS since the twitching started. I’m 35/m and lost my grandad to ALS when I was 11.

Also I’ve noticed when seems to be atrophy in my left tricep compared to my right. It seems much smaller / almost non existent. I saw my GP who did strength tests and said he isn’t concerned about ALS (push pull etc on arms and legs).

Random finger movement does not sounds like ALS And your perceived atrophy ( unverified by a doctor? No one is symmetrical) is on a different side and in a different area. Please check with your doctor but don’t worry
In terms of the atrophy I can still lift my arm - do tricep dips. Would there probably be massively obvious weakness at the point of atrophy?
You certainly wouldn’t be able to do a tricep dip if the muscle was affected by ALS to the point of atrophy
In terms of bulbar would lisping be a possible onset or is it primarily other people noticing you are slurring? I can say all my words but feel like I’m lisping and I have more saliva in my mouth?

I’ve been to my GO today for Creatnine Kinase bloods - would this mean they are looking for ALS - thanks!
You are exhibiting classic anxiety behavior. You start with one symptom in one area. Add another in a different place And now a third. And you admit elsewhere it is a lifelong lisp. Anyway no lisping is not a usual ALS presentation

And a ck is a very general test and no they are not looking for ALS. Aside from nfl which is general for neurodegeneration there isn’t a blood test that is really a red flag. Even nfl can be head injury or other neuro diseases

Closing thread. Do not start another unless somehow you see a neurologist ( which I don’t think is necessary) and have abnormal results you are told suggest ALS ( which I really don’t think will happen)
Not open for further replies.