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Jul 7, 2005
Hi Everyone,

It's time to get a lift of some sort to haul LB's little scooter on. I have not a clue which one to choose :?: . The SUV I have really is not suitable to have a lift installed to put the scooter inside. What is your opinion of the manual Tilt a Rack carriers? Everything is expensive so I want to be as reasonable as possible but I sure don't want to invest in something that will give me lots of trouble either. LB is not able to drive anymore so he'll never have to do the loading. Thanks.
Hi Al!

I think your name should stand for "About Loving" !

What stage are you at ? Jack was in a wheelchair since about last June 2004, but only if there was any distance involved. He had his last serious fall at the end of August 2004 and it really scared him. After that we always had to hang on to him, and then he did agree to a wheelchair. His situation was different because he went downhill very quickly.

I admire the courage that you have, and keep knowing that we all love and support you. This is such a great group of people.

Love always, Pat :D
Thanks Al, a few of these sites I had not seen. I would have never have thought such a seemingly small matter as buying a lift could become such a difficult decision. :roll:
Hi Terri
Having an SUV is different from what I'm used to as well, but I remember seeing somebody up here with a full sized one (a Tahoe or Yukon). The scooter fit in the back and it was loaded up using a gantry type of crane that just fit inside the back of the vehicle and swung out. The sccoter of course has to fit in the back but this crane fit along inside along the side of the vehicle.
Good luck


Hi Everyone,

I ordered a Tilt a Rack from Discount Ramp today. Thanks Al. for the web site. It should be here in about a week and I'll try my handy work at putting it together and see how well it works. I did check on the lift which mounts inside and lifts the power chair to the inside. Unfortunately, that would not work in my particular vehicle. I'll let you know how well it performs.
Always glad to help when I can Terri. And Pat seeing as you are new again I'll give you the quick outline. I was diagnosed Oct./03. Had been having weakness and fasciculations since Dec. the previous year. Went on Bipap at night in Jan of this year. Breathing is pretty crappy with exertion. Still walking talking and driving for now. Can't walk too far without tiring but no falls yet (touch wood). Hands are getting pretty wasted though. You should see me trying to put gloves on. LOL. Thumbs and baby finger just won't do what they are told. Even oven mitts are a chore. But that's life and I just keep on doing what I can as long as I can. I hope you are having a good weekend. Cold and rainy here. Take care. Al.
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