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Sep 17, 2005
We just got a lift for my mom. She doesn't quite need it but she will anyday now. My problem is that I'm scared to use it, I don't want to hurt her or dump her out. She wants dad and I to practice on it with her and I know that's a good idea, I just dread it though. I think it's a good lift, its' mesh with a hole for her bottom and a hydrolic pump to lift her up and down. I guess I will just have to get used to it. I think part of it is denial that her legs just want work anymore, even a little bit. This disease is so hard, I hate to see the things she is going through. If anyone has any advice on using the lift I'd really apreciate it.
Thank you
using lift

Hello Jennifer: I am sorry your Mom now needs to use a lift.
It is a little scary at first but if the sling is put on properly and the right size it is quite safe.
Make sure that the bottom of the opening is tucked right down to the seat of her chair, bring up the back and make it smooth around her back. lower the transporter until you can hook up the straps without too much pulling on Mom. When you hook up the leg straps cross them first, put right strap on left side of transporter and then cross left strap to right side of transporter, it will keep Mom's legs from swinging open which can hurt if the muscles are weak. Lift Mom slowly until she is being held by lift, you will know if there is any slipping and can lower her and adjust sling if necessary. Check position of her hands so they don't get caught between sling and her thigh, I put Sis's hands in her lap but still check to make sure straps are not pinching her hands.
You could practice lifting your Dad over the bed then if there are any problems no one gets hurt. Then let Dad lift you. Once you have used it a few times it will not be so scary and it is easier on Mom too.
Also you should get training on use of the lift from the O.T. Hope this is of some help to you.
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