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Oct 26, 2006
My mom is who is dragging right foot.leg and starting to drag left is thinking she needs a lift/recliner type chair. Do you think this will help her get to walker? She is using a walker with a seat to walk around at this point. $400 plus - is this a good purchase or save money for something else?
Mine works pretty good but I got it on loan from the ALS Society Loan Closet. Is there an ALSA or MDA office near you? Free loaner is much better.
My husband loves his and it is a huge help, we as well got it from the ASL loan center.
My husband has lived in his lift chair for more than a year now--he LOVES it. Worth its wiehgt in gold, and easy for me to get him in/out now that he isnt mobile. Check out at Pride Mobility website. Medicare pays for the lift mechanism in it (about 1/3 cost).

we went our Medical Supply place and he was able to try them out to see whcih he liked best.a
To all that read this thread. I live in New Jersey and would be happy to give yes give my husbands lift chair to someone who needs it. I know how helpfull it would be to someone who can not afford one. I guess Gramp Al could help me with giving this to someone in real need. I look at it every day and would have peace of mind knowing someone else it could help. You just have to get it.

Love ya's

Hi Donna. if there isn't someone here that needs it you could contact the local ALSA/MDA. They usually have loan closets that they keep to loan out items like your chair. I have a chair and a wheel chair, hospital bed and shower chair all on loan from them. They may charge a small delivery fee but even waive that if circumstances need it.
Hi Gramp Al miss ya. I tried calling to give them a few things waiting for a call back. So in the mean time I thought of try to just give it away for free. I hope all is well with you and everyone else. If some one wants this chair just let me know. I'll say a prayer for all my friends here. And I try to read the forum still a least once a week. Everyone keep strong and let me know if someone wants my chair yes its FREE!:-D
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