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Feb 14, 2017
Lost a loved one
For those of you with Golden lift recliners, can I get my PALS into it with a hoyer?

I have been exclusively using a hoyer to transfer him for a while now. I'm pretty sure he could not stand on his own even with support, even just for a pivot transfer. (I'd be scared to death to even try.)

I would like to give him another option other than his PWC and hospital bed. I've heard some of you have great things to say about the Golden lift chairs.
Yes, you can. I would measure the open leg width (between the legs, not including them) of your lift at max vs. the width of the recliner you are looking at to make sure, as I think some are wider than others. And since Hoyer legs aren't always straight, allow for nearly the narrowest point since you will want to go in a good ways around the chair, not just up to it.

Did that make sense? Maybe I should just ask, which Golden are you looking at and what lift do you have?
Yes, that makes sense. I was planning on measuring the hoyer at its widest and narrowest points when open. I was looking at the Max Comfort chair on their website today. I found a medical supply store not too far away that stocks them, so I am hoping to get up there soon to see them in person. My hoyer is an Invacare 450, so it's pretty big and has some of the best specs I've seen as far as Hoyer's go.

Wouldn't it be great if they have our hoyer there and I can actually test it out? Longshot, I know, but one can hope!

Thanks, Laurie.
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This is not a direct answer to your question.
We bought a lift chair before we knew what's recommended or works best. It's not the Golden brand.
That chair works w. our lift (Invacare 450). We later on had a base built - 1st a base and then we elevated that base 1 more time so that pALS can get to a standing position more easily without sliding out of the chair. (We made sure it is safe and the lift chair cannot slide off the base :) )

The base (used several 2x4s) was designed to accommodate the hoyer lift just in case the hoyer would not open up wide enough (which it does, so no problem). We were waiting for the lift when we needed the elevation so we planned for eventualities.

Thought I would share this just in case someone has a lift chair where the hoyer does not fit under - a base under the chair might help.

Much luck with the purchase! I sure am glad we have that lift chair.

That's what I was hoping to hear. DH can no longer stand, so the actual stand function is not really needed. I just wanted a chair that would lift so I could fit the hoyer.

Thank you!
I have the Golden Cloud and love it. I agree with what Laurie said. I feel much less pain in the Golden than I do in my PWC or even bed.
Jersey, just a reminder that if your PALS is tall or has long legs proportionally, don't forget to order the footrest extension. It has a page on the Golden site so you can see what it looks like.
Thanks Kim!

Laurie - He is about 6'1", but has a long torso and relatively normal legs - he used to wear a 33" inseam on pants, so I don't think he will need the footrest extension. I know about where I sit compared to him in a chair, so I think I have that covered too.

A bit of luck today - I had to take our handicapped van in to the dealer to address a recall. When I walked in, I noticed they had a recliner in the showroom. And it happened to be a Golden Max Comfort! It looks a lot like the one I have seen in a picture Kim posted. I sat in it for a while, and it was comfy! Once we measured the base and figured we could use the hoyer, I had the manager get me a quote on the chair, adding the heat/massage option (DH is always cold, so any bit will help) in the fabric I want. DH has been complaining since I got home about how he can't get comfortable - in fact, I just got him settled in his bed. I have not told him about the chair, his birthday is coming up and I want to get it for him. I just need to make some final measurement checks here, but I'm probably going to order it tomorrow.

Thanks all!
That's great! I always have my heating pad on when I'm in the chair. Even with the heat function, the pad keeps my back feeling better.
Glad you got to test one!

Larry was 6'1" with 33" legs as well, and really needed the foot rest extension -- bear in mind it only comes into play when the legs are all the way out, for relaxing, stretching, ROM exercise, or sleeping. I'd still consider it.

You've probably gathered this here, but most of us would vote for the least protruding of the head pillow options, whatever that currently is.

Oh, and Jersey, if your PALS is always cold, I'd also consider (broken record alert) a low voltage heated mattress pad.
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