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Aug 4, 2007
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I realize this question has probably been discussed on many occasions but I have some questions that I would like anyones input from experience. I have a pre-existing poilicy from before I got ill but since I have a son I want to add to it. There is no clause for pre-existing symptoms or treatment you have recieved in relation to a disease that is not diagnosed. Four of the first nerologists said my problem was anxiety but now this last one I think knows somethings wrong, he didn't really say much just usually people in our situation have family help. He is waiting to get all my files to see what tests I need. My family doc sees the wasting so I'm sure it's in my file. So to make a long story relatively short my policy states that if a death occurs in the first two years and there is a misrepresentation of health information it will not pay but after the two years even if they discover misreprsentation they still have to pay. So my questions are if I was to say I was in perfect health do they still check my file, or could I just give them the name of the doctor I used to see before all of this started then my file will show nothing. Because from what I see as long as live two years with misrepresenting my condition they have to pay.
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I think I would live that one alone so not to stir up trouble and see about getting another one before DX that may have the two yr wait on it. So maybe one would pay if you didn't make two yrs.
Yes I'll try to get another policy can others give advice on how they obtained insurance while they were on the road to diagnosis
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Hi you only live an hour from me,even before I was firmly Dx I could not get more insurance,just due to the fact I was seeing neurologist was enough for the ins co to say no.I am lucky I have pre exsisting policy.Hang in there. kevin
I don't know about Canada but in the USA we have some you buy units say$5 for $5000 that do not have even questions about health but have the 2 yr to pay in full other wise they pay amount paid in. Gerber life and Colonial Penn are the ones I am familiar with.
Hi Mya,

I tried to PM you, but your box is full.

I did sell insurance many years ago and I do try to keep up with the industry in general. I know that they will look at your medical history always (unless it is a free policy that comes with a bank account, a group policy through your employer, or one of these low limit term policies that they ask five questions about you).

I think if I were you I would do two things.

#1: Check with the person who wrote your current policy and see if the policy has any options to bump up the coverage without having to requalify medically. Some of them have these options at year 1, 5, 10, etc depending on the type of policy.

#2: If I were you, I'd go ahead and apply anyway. I'd just say that you are dealing with symptoms similar to benign fasciculation syndrome, or get your doctor to give you that diagnosis so you have a FIRM one for now. BUT, answer the questions honestly because they will investigate if you were to die and they would have no problem denying your claim if they can prove that they wouldn't have insured you because of something you "didn't" say. Insurance companies have no feelings and will not pay if they don't have to. Worst case you will find out your insurability and go from there.

I wish you the best of luck!
Thanks midnight I will talk to my doc see what he says, I think I waited too long, should have gone after I was told by 3 neuro's anxiety now to much documentation of my symptoms to get anything, but I can always try.
Another policy that has the 2 year stipulation but does not ask any health questions is through AARP. You must be an AARP membership or join, though. The policy is underwritten by New York Life.
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