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Oct 30, 2007
Thanks for asking about me. Today I got my new dog ! And yes, I didn't want to jinx it by posting sooner. I am concerned about the health of it though. It is a Mini Pincher/Schnauzer Mix from a local pound. It is just precious as can be. Black and Rust colored and underweight. It is about 6 months old and weighs 8.1 lbs. Got it today and has not eaten yet. Just drinks water. Tempted it with good food, but just open mouth a couple times like it wanted it, but didn't eat. Loves to be petted and held. A good little lap dog for sure. Has not barked yet either. My friend who picked it up for me said it was running and bouncing around yesterday. May be just tired out. Just wanted to sun itself today and sleep in my lap.

ALS is making it hard for me to walk in the back yard on uneven ground. Was mowing that yard this past summer and didn't have that much trouble. Suspect my left ankle and foot are a little weaker. Thats where my dog comes in, now I will be doing more outside walking and hopeful incease strengh in that area. Also started taking anti-depressants I have been storing up as of 3 days ago. My crazy wife does not bother me as much now and my emotions are back in check like days of old. The wife still threatens me every few days, so I really still could end up homeless if she moves and sells the house out from under me as she threatens. But the meds keep the depression of the future a little more in check after some really dark days and thoughts lately. The dog helps a whole lot there too. But I do worry about his health.

Hi delb,
I am thrilled to hear you sound so positive tonight.Thank God you finally got your best friend (a dog) . Questions is it a boy or girl & have you gave it a name yet. Maybe it's just a little nervous & will eat tomorrow when it is more use to you. I am glad you are now taking your meds & not letting your wife get to you. God Bless you my friend see God does hear & answer our prayers. Keep us updated on your baby.
Empty threats

Hey delb!
I am so excited for you and your dog! I suspect that your wife would nnot actually be able to sell the house from undernieth you - I think she's just trying to play head games - dont let her get in your head! Anyway, you could always find a rental that would take dogs if you ever decide it's time to get out.. Focus on the enjoyment of your new baby - feed him small amounts of cooked rice and he will be bouncing around in no time!

Congrats, on the new dog. Maybe you can get him to get your wife in line. (if you know what I mean)
You diffently sound alot better today.
My dog name, even though I can no longer talk, is Rolex. I have Rolex watches which I am a big fan of. Also saw someone suggested the name as a cross of 2 antidepressants. Which is good too because I sure feel more in control since starting them. Rolex is a boy, and now very active and eating anything I give him. He was underweight, but after 2 days of TLC he thinks he is a Doverman Pincher instead of a Mini Pincher Mix. Wants to be with me all the time and loves to be in my lap. Only 8 lbs. but that should increase the way he is eating now. Sure helps my outlook knowing when I wake up in the morning he is doing his high pitched bark saying I want you. Also he is always there with dogie kisses when I feel depressed. And the wife has even warm up to him. She now wants to build a sunroom for him and me to sit in instead of the patio outside. She says he can stay in the sun room at night too. She doesn't want him in the house, but the sun room would be part of the house. But like other things she has said in the past, I can only count on the thought at the moment. Time will tell if she really means it.
Well Rolex my dog is now eating like he hasn't eaten in ages. He has settled down in his new home and happy as can be. He is only 6 mo. old and was picked up as a stray. So this may be his first real home. Rolex and my antidepressant have sure improved my outlook on life. Find myself trying to talk to Rolex, something I have not tried in many months. Also using sounds that I can still make with no problem to communicate with him. We understand each other amazingly well. I am still struggling to eat and drink, but I am eating and drinking. Always trying to come up with new foods that are easy to eat. My wife no matter how many times I tell her doesn't understand I need foods that break apart in your mouth if not chewed. I can still chew, but often miss some of it. Also has to be soft and she buys me marshmellow cakes with nuts or some hard tiny things all around it. Things like this taste good, but the hard things cause coughing it back up. Still drinking Dr. Pepper one a day. Has helped me greatly. Also noticed that besides losing my belly, I have also had a hernia above my belly button for the last 10 years go flat again and look like it is healing up. The doctors wanted to operate to fix it years ago. They were afraid it would pop and cause a life threatening event. But the swelling is gone with my now flat stomach. I can only hope the same will occur with my other problem areas.
Hey Delb i am so happy for you and your new friend.I was the one who suggested rolex its not that i wanted to take credit for it b/c you ultimately chose it yourself....if i dont mind saying it cracked me up when i thought of it b/c it was a derived from combing the letters of different antidepressants and rolex was one of them .....and i thought then it represented happiness and a watch dog!I dont know i guess i have a quirky sense of humor like my kids do and we do crack ourselves up !Sometimes get odd looks but hey who cares as long as you are laughing at yourself or just laughing it is wonderfull medicine .....and it looks like you have found your combination of meds. to get you through. You will find such undconditional love from rolex that you will wonder how you ever lived without this kind of love....all my best to you and your dog...Gina
Hi delb! Congrats! You finally got your dog! Good for you! Let us know how Rolex likes his new home, and his new friend! Take care!


Good to hear about the good turn of events! You said you had stored your antidepressants for 3 days. Does that mean you took them all at once and not according to prescription? I ask because the medications take time to work, but not taking them according to prescription can be a danger. Take care.
Gina, when I saw your post of Rolex I really liked it cause I am a big fan of Rolex watches. And now take the lex in the med too. Seemed to fit and any one who hears it says what a great name it is. I am communicating with Rolex by sounds which he understands better than words anyway. He is really a smart and sweet dog. Loves for me to hold him and to be in my lap to play and then take a nap. Sticks to me like glue. Even when I took him for a drive today in my pickup for the first time. He stuck to my lap like glue. Cried a little a first but settled down when he knew I was not going to leave him. Barked at night the first few nights some too. But after a few days, now hardly barks at all. Just waits till the next day for me to come get him. A little bundle of excitement then. Using sounds with Rolex has help me to start forming words like I thought it would. I used the word "yes" to my wife last night shocking her. She laughed and said you can talk.

Good to hear about the good turn of events! You said you had stored your antidepressants for 3 days. Does that mean you took them all at once and not according to prescription? I ask because the medications take time to work, but not taking them according to prescription can be a danger. Take care.

I only take one a day as directed by the doctor. Stored them for a lot longer than 3 days. Was not sure I needed them. But depression got worse and worse. Also was having trouble with emotions. Now I don't. They are a huge help.
I am so happy and proud of you delb - now every day you have a reason to get up and enjoy the small pleasures of Rolex. .. I think you have regained your inner strength with the Rx too!
Congratulations on these wonderful victories!
{{Puppy hugs and wet nose rubs}}
delb, I am so happy for you! God bless!

Here is a picture I took today in the back yard between peeks of the sun. He was sunning himself and very sleepy at the time. Taken thru the patio door. He is just like my Doverman I had years ago only in miniature. Just as precious as can be.


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Hi Delb:

Let me introduce myself: I am Paty from Baja California, Mexico; I just lost my husband
to A.L.S. (a month next Jan. 30th).

I've read your post about your little new dog, let me tell you that dog's are the best man's friend, they are loving, and have feelings like we do.

If it wasn't for my three loving German Shepherds I'd be very lonely, they are my only company at home.

There's a saying "The more I know humans, the more I love my dogs"

Congratulations on Rolex arrival to your home.

Sincerely Paty
Baja California, Mexico
CALS to late husband Jorge
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