Life after death?

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Well it's not quite ALS related but it's kind of intereesting so we'll put it in. Some may find it worthwhile reading but at somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 it would be an expensive read.
I didn't mean to get the book...just to read the article. It was late at night and I got a bit excited I guess. :oops:

I see your point though.
Pretty deep Steve. Would be very interesting to read. I'll wait for the paperback! LOL:mrgreen:
I think it is great that it is intended as a textbook for college libraries. There is a lot yet we have to learn.
What a fascinating concept:

"Current science says (consciousness) is a by-product of the brain. But it may be that consciousness is around us and the brain might be a mediator, an antenna, instead of controlling consciousness."

That is connected to many spiritual beliefs around the world, and it's so interesting that a medical professional is speculating along those same lines. Thanks for posting the reference. Very interesting!
Steve ... there is another book you might be interested in called "Dreaming Beyond Death," which was written by a hospice chaplin who recorded the extraordinary dreams that many people have as they approach death.

It sounds as if our subconscious minds know a lot more than our conscious ones do, and understand the transformation that is taking place. I bought the book 4 years ago (long before ALS reared its ugly head in my life).

I can't find it now in my bookcase, naturally, but one dream I remember the author quoting was: The person dreamed he/she was lying in the hospice and there was a lighted candle in the window. Suddenly, the candle was extinguished, and the person felt crushed. But then, the candle appeared on the other side of the window, lighted again and burning steadily. This dream gave the person a great sense of serenity and comfort, and all their fears left them.

Many people also have dreams that resemble "near-death experiences," in which they see beautiful light or meet departed loved ones.

I'm sure you can find references to the book online and maybe some excerpts if you're interested. I think the author's name is Bulkeley.
I had to REPLY!

In April when my brother Dale had SCD-Sudden Cardiac Death, came back to life with no medical explanation. My point is, when me and Mom was in the pre-op room when they were going to do the Heart Cath to look into his heart, He asked me and Mom if we seen those Bright Blue Skies up there? (this was four days after the SCD) He asked us agian. We said Yes, we see them. (we didn't) he said: I see them and Jesus is up there behind those Beautiful Blue Skies. Dale was not a real religious person. We honestly belive he had an after life experience, since he was clinically dead for 35 minutes.

Just an experience that we will never forget.

But then, the candle appeared on the other side of the window, lighted again and burning steadily.

Wow. Something about that gives me goosebumps.

Thanks for the heads up Beth. :)

Glad you all enjoyed.

Take Care all

hi steve

it is weird as last night i was thinking about and how you was doing since your mum passed away. i was going to email you today.
then i saw your post this morning. its funny as in strange when that happens.
anyway i am not sure what i think in relation to your article but i believe the dead do have a "hope" and i hold onto that if a loved one dies or if the worst should happen to me. i dont like to preach about religon on the forum,not appropriate for a few reasons.
but if anyone does feel the need to learn what really happens to the dead and what the future holds for them i am happy to discuss this and give you some hope and comfort.
i hope you are ok steve,you are in my thoughts.
take good care.
life after death - my own thoughts

i agree with one of the others who posted on this thread, that religion may not
be appropriate for a forum, but a medical text book, science or dream book is
not where i go to find out about life after death. there is another book that tells
you everything you need or want to know about the subject - it's the holy bible,
and after reading it, believing it, and obeying it, you will look forward to going
toward the bright blue skies where Jesus is.

thanks for listening.

I'm sorry to sound negative but I really don't think there is life after death.
However, that isn't necessarily so bad.. it's just nothing, like before we were born. It's not something to look forward to but it's certainly not something to fear, either.
Besides - living forever.. that sounds really terrible to me.
Oh My Goodness

This is so weird........I am not crazy! This has happened to me before. Last night Freddie had went to sleep around 12:30. I was trying to wind down watching a little I love Lucy, I love classic tv.........It was around 1:08 and I looked over at Freddie, I could see something hovering above Freddie, It had like a white hat and dressed in white. I was too tired to try and figure out my occasional sightings. I then fell asleep and awoke to the phone ringing repeatedly. I finally got up and answered it. It was Freddie's sil calling to tell me that Sister Gay had passed away at around 1:00, I couldn't believe it....It was her......

Sister Gay is the woman that adopted Freddie out to his family. She ran a mission for unwed mothers and battered women. Freddie was her first baby ever adopted to a family. She was 84 and still until the last year, ran her mission. She had diabetes and had both her legs amputated. She still ran that mission. At Freddie's brothers funeral, she was like Mother Teresa, everyone flocked to her. She always wore white and a white turban....

This morning when I got the news every hair on my body stood UP! Ruthie (sil) had told me that yesterday she was talking about Freddie and told her God is not done with him yet and he will be alright, and that he was her first baby.....This went on over and over.........

I think that she came to say Goodbye and she would see him again.......

I know that there are some angels here on earth already to make the way a little easier for those who need it...

I have met SEVERAL here........

thanks..........and no I am not

I am skeptical of life after death, although I am willing to keep an open mind. Don't get me wrong--I don't have anything against those that do believe in it--but for some of us, religion and God and the afterlife is not part of our belief system.

But that doesn't mean I don't have any spirituality. I have an awe and reverence for nature and the universe--in other words, natural pantheism.

Life after death

A while back I was wandering through a bookstore and I came across a book which was titled "Life After Death" by Deepak Chopra. At the time I was trying to come to grips with my recent ALS diagnosis and the realization that I actually might not make it out of this life alive. I am not really a religeous person but at the same time I am not sure that I want to believe that when you're gone you're gone. I haven't finished the book yet but the message that I've gotten so far is that Western society views death in a much different way from other many other cultures. While I'm not sure about reincarnation the author of the book has a great quote from T.S. Elliott;
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place fo the first time

An interesting book that's made me think
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