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Jan 10, 2008
:twisted:i have made a draft of a letter to send to the moron neuro i saw last week, i will post it when i write it out on the computer. i suspect there will be some fire works so stay tuned.i may even get struck off the medical register but at this point i do not care, these people need to be told they canot play god with other peoples lives.
i am expecting an explosive responce so watch this space.
Give him both barrels :D

Tell them that is how the BRITT'S roll.. I love to hear Britt's angry, they even sound nice when they are mad. I am a huge fan of the BBC.. and am always quoting britt committs.
Like, got get me hat...Hoping
There is no better therapy than Venting . Keep in mind Morons cant read . Ignorance is Bliss . It seems that when you find a Competant Neuro you want to Give them Cudos because they are far and few . Go For it Kiddo Geo
Get 'em good!

You know, I am glad I am not the only one that feels like this. As some of you know I recently lost my dad to ALS March 3, 2008 and the first neuro we saw actually insisted my dad had Alcoholic neuropathy and kept telling my dad he was nothing more than an alcoholic! Well, of course my dad quit seeing him becuase his symptoms kept getting worse after he quit drinking his few Coors lights he would have from time to time...Once we found a REAL neuro, he was diagnosed with ALS...Talk about angry...Now I know that the out come would still be the same if we had found out in 11/06 vs. 2/07 but to humiluate my dad like that was uncalled for, and to actually say it in front of other patients in his office!

I told my mom the other day that we sould send this "doctor" a program from my dad's funeral and put a note in there that this "ole" drunk actually died from ALS! I guess you have to get the greaving out some how huh....anyway, we haven't done it yet but boy would I like to, just to let him know how wrong he was and how horrible he treated my dad!

Sorry, feeling a bit bitter this morning for some reason...:oops:

Love to all of you and again thank you for the support!
bed side manner

Hello...We can relate! My husbands primary care physician actually wrote in his medical records that my husband was over exaggerating his health issues. I bet he is eating those words now. Secondly, our visit to CP was an absolute nightmare. The head of the ALS clinic was totally inpatient with my husbands slow speech. He kept cutting him off mid sentence..it was absolutely degrating. Now to yesterdays experience at the ALS clinic. The Doctor basically told us that a skin biopsy clinical trial that we participated in was basic science. Hey, how about a thankyou for helping the cause...or positive reinforcement to my husband for taking a positive step in research for the disease. Anyways...I think I needed to vent this morning too. Thanks for listening. I think some Doctors should have a refresher course on bed side manner. On a positive note...today is a new day!
Boy oh Boy, we sure have all felt the same pain, I remember my first doctor told me that it was good that I had atrophy, for at least that would mean I did not have als. Can you believe this? I have had some doc's tell me I was just sad.. OK sure sad from being sick HELLO.. I really feel for your dad's situation Shell, I get angry just thinking about that, you are such a wonderful daughter, I think your dad would be so proud of you. I think we should call and order a round of drinks ON the doctor from your dad... So WRONG..Hoping
i am so sorry to hear about your father and the way he was treated, you can vent all you want we are always here to listen and support. it hurts me deeply when such injustice goes without punishment just because of the so called "status" these "specialists" have. they are not god and know very little but do not like to be reminded about this.i hope your father found peace at the end.god bless.
the same thoughts go to you also, i hope your husband is not suffering too much, and you can also vent in my ear anytime. god bless to you and your husband.

finally, i have sent a letter to the neuro i saw last week, i can not post it for in case of any legal implications but have sent a private copy to hoping.
basically i have stated my case regarding mri to diognose pls and have sent the supporting evidence to back up my statement. i have questioned my medical care or lack of it, conflicting information regarding what different neuros have said.
i have also stated at the discusting way i was treated and may report this to the hospital board. i have sent a copy to my usual neuro as he is mentioned in it.
so we shall see what happens.
i bumped into a friends father yesterday who can barely walk due to bad knees, they will not give him a knee replacement because he can still walk! and at 64yrs of age is too young!.he visited a friend abroad in a so called 3rd world country and said the hospitals were spotless, well run,very good medical care a far cry from the filthy,debt ridden, incompetant so called nhs hospitals we have in the uk, and to all you usa folks we pay for it by national insurance contributions which is compulsary, unless your a lazy sod and don't want to work. i did work full time as a single parent and had always worked till getting ill and then they dont want to know. i would have gladly paid to a private health fund if i knew then what i know now.
thats my vent done, boy that does feel good.
god bless you all
i was married to a doctor. when i started having problems he kept saying it was all in my head. so instead of getting me help, he walks out on me. i ran his office but was not on his payroll so i dont qualify for dissability. now he sees me n tells me to get a life that there r people worst then me. what makes me mad is just cuz he is a doctor he is well liked. wish his patients knew thaat if he didnt care about the mother of his son, how can he care about them. hope someday his patients report him for his bedsite manners.
Only a few words can describe them . Erogant SOB Geo
I have had sciatic pain in the lower back for over 18 years due to nerve damage from an airplane accident.

One of the first Doctors I went to said I should do like the Shamans do in the far east that lay on a bed of nails all day. If I just told my brain that I did not hurt, then I would not feel the pain. Mind over matter. I guess I minded cause his opinion did not matter. He better be thankful I was a Christian, because I wanted to give him a knuckle sandwich. :-D

Some people can be so cruel. I feel for all of you.
WOW capt al, thats the first time i have ever heard you mad, though its totally understanderble. christians get mad too, even jesus had a temper when he saw the profitering in jerusalems temple and i suspect god was not too pleased either.
Amen, I think that will preach brother. :)
I hear you all

Sorry I have been absent for awhile. Long story but I have to add my story. I took my mom to the hospital one time when she fell, which was often. After waiting hours and hours the doctor came out and said, you know your mother's dying and there is nothing we can do for her and walked away. My mother was at a stage when she could not communicate any longer and every time we moved her the tears would roll down her checks. Her foot looked awful and swollen. So the following week I took her to the ALS clinic at Sunnybrook for her regular visit and mentioned to Myrna that mom's foot didn't look right. She ordered Xrays and we found that her foot was broken. The hospital released her and I recall it was thanksgiving day so I guess the doctor wanted to get home to his turkey. I called mom's GP to look into this and he did check the Xrays and it did show the broken foot, but this idiot really didn't care, he said take her back home she is dying. There is nothing we can do for ALS.
I dont know but if you or i are Licensed By the State and you or i act in a Nonprofessional manner .HMMMMMM Lets see would they pull our License ? HMMMM . But then again is it Professional to act like an Idiot ? HMMMMM . I hate to act like a Liberal but Dont we need some Government Intervention ? in the Health Care Field . But then again we were always taught to be Nice to the Doctor ? What ever happened to them being nice to Us ? After All we're paying the bill . This is Why you want a PPO not an HMO your Doc. cant play God otherwise he can say NAH you dont need those tests .
Arrogance is the reason for all the Medical Malpractice suits . You take a Young Punk who thinks he's God and put him in with a weak Patient and he'll come out on top, and no one can touch him . We assume the person thats taking care of us is a caring person . I had to go to the Doc. and didnt have one here . I went in this office and got put in with this young Punk . He gets me in the Exam room and first thing out of his fat mouth was "your a scrony little thing you need to get some meat on those Bones" (144 Lbs 5' 5") . I was taken back and just then my killer instinc Kicked in . I said your a fat ASS and need a diet so how about that . At that he walked out and then i walked out Never to go back . I was in total shock that a Medical Professional would act like this . I have No respect for Any one in the Medical Field anymore . This is what we as sick patients have to deal with . Geo
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