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Jun 12, 2007
el paso
hi, i have als n in a wheelchair from the time i get up 2 the time i go 2 bed. i do fine during the day but i hate nite time. when im in bed i cant turn myself so i sleep on my right side n my hip bone hurts. when i try 2 move my legs they cross n i hurt a lot. does anybody have any suggestions. any pain meds. im not under any meds:cry:
Have you tried sleeping on your back?

Have you got a memory foam mattress. They are supposed to help eliminate the hip and shoulder pain. ALSA or MDA might be able to help get you one.
cant sleep on my back b/c my legs cross n they hurt 2 much
lots of pillows

i have a lot of pain too, although i don't have ALS...yet.
what i do is put a really big pillow between my legs when i am on my side. and when i am on my back i wedge to thin pillows up underneath the hip- just enough to cradle the hip...that and i live with a heating pad...hope this helps.
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Hi cukita99,

You asked about pain meds in the first post. I take Vicodin (generic) for pain when I have it. I also take Benadryl with it as Vicodine makes me itch. I assume it's a bit of an allergic reaction, and the Benadryl fixes that. Best Wishes, Peg
Special mattresses cost a lot of money. We took nine new bed pillows (cheapest at Walmart) and sewed them together with strong quilting thread, by hand, in sets of three. You put these out to cover your present mattress and situate them however is best for you. You can lay on top on them all... wrap up in them... put some between your legs..wrap you arms over some, whatever. We did this to make Rick's leg apparatus comfortable for sleeping. He had to sleep flat on his back otherwise. He has ALS and a leg injury besides. We hope you get some real rest soon.
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