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Apr 14, 2004
i didn't want to overload your email so i will post here. i am going to make a feeble attempt to attend the als walk meeting next wednesday if i can.
i noticed lee, you are a coordinator if you have anything you would like me to mention if i do get there, could you let me know.
i am remaining for now as a virtual volunteer, because i can't plan much within a 24 hour time frame around here. i am aiming to help in what ever way i can, and once the date is booked, i assume a saturday, i will try to book the day off.
let me know, happy sailing.
Got back today from 5 days in key west. no mike i did not drive the boys wild with my speedo. went for an ultralite on floats ride. took pictures that i will post on the site whenever we get home. Go on sunday for the cruise. teresa i'll email you at home with a reply. my email isn't that cluttered. have been finding friendly cafe's.
Nice to see you're still livin on the edge al. an ultralight on floats! did you get to fly?
5 days in key west... you must be dressed so tastefully by now!

Yes i did get to fly it. just tubing and sailcloth (dacron) ? covering on the wings and a pusher prop up top behind. steered just with rudder. no need to bank much. was a little hard to breathe sitting in semi reclined position and of course the pilot said later if i had told him about my problem he could have adjusted the seat forward. i had told him i no longer flew due to the als but never thought about the seating position. live and learn i guess. don't be afraid to tell people you have a problem. i'm learning this slowly.

as far as the dressing goes. i didn't do any cross or otherwise things that you might do if you go up to the 800 block of duval st. never went above 300. staYed downtown where the men are men and still dress like them. spent some time in a few good bars and had some great seafood. had lobster twice and grouper 3 times. nice place to visit but don't think i could afford to live there. still having fun. off tomorrow on the cruise. take care guys. i'll be thinking of you all.
Al, received your email at home, but i am at work now.
will get relavant information for you as long as i can get to the meeting.
happy cruisin' to you and lee.
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