Lasik, glasses, & BiPap

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Mar 13, 2006
Good evening everyone!

This goes out to mainly those PALS out there that wear glasses. My sister, Kathy, wears them and is considering getting Lasik done so that she won't have to have someone else put her glasses on for her. BUT since her eyes are naturally on the dry side, the doc she spoke with said she's not a great candidate for the surgery then instead of having someone put on her glasses for her, they'd have to put in eye drops instead...not a great trad-off. BUT at her last support group meeting, they talked about and explored biPaps...she said that it seemed like they'd be difficult to use with glasses on. True or not true? Any advice?

It could be a problem wearing glasses with a Bipap but most of us on it only use it for sleeping or lying down to rest so you wouldn't be needing glasses much anyway.
My husband has glasses and uses a bipap, with a small nose mask. It is a inconvenience but what can you do. He wears his bipap now 20 hrs. aday. He needs help with everything now but even before we just lifted it above his glasses and removed them, and put the bi-pap back on his nose. So it can be done just a couple extra steps when he is ready to go to sleep, he watches tv in bed also so he needs them on.
I had the Lasik surgery 6 years ago.
Only fixed my near-sightedness, which means I'm 20/20 for distance, but still
need my reading glasses. (I was using reading glasses over my contact lenses
pre0surgery anyway)

I understand that they can now fix both near and far sightedness.

The surgery was a piece of cake.
Having perfect vision was akin to a religious experience<g>
LB had Lasik surgery when his problems first began and has great vision now for distance and close up.
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