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Mar 5, 2006
I seem to have developed another bizarre symptom. I am know getting a lot of swelling above, below and behind my knee. If I squat the pain is severe and the more I walk the more pain I get. Although I have had all the regular symptoms of als such as cramping, twitching, atrophy of limbs, trouble swallowing, I keep coming up with these weird symptoms or has anyone else had swelling around their knee when the muscles weakened. Any answers would be appreciated.

thanks, whitey
I've only had knee cap swelling once. It was sore as heck but went away in a few days. I thought that I had bumped it but couldn't remember doing that. Another mystery. It was over a year ago before the atrophy started getting bad.
Hi Whitey,
Just remember that just because you have ALS, it does not mean that you cannot have something else wrong as well. My doctor reminded me of this when I had a really bad pain in my hip area. It turned out to be sciatica and a few treatments at a therapist cleared it up. Just a thought.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
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