Knee buckling

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Sep 15, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering whether anyone has issues with the knee buckling when you walk.
Hi sral,

I am undiagnosed but one of my 1st symtoms was knee buckling.
I get it on & off during the day is certain situations......but mostly I feel it by early evening (they must be saying that they had enough of the day and I should just sit the heck down).
Thanks Crystal and Kevin.

This answers my question as to whether other PLSers get it.
By the way Crystal, you mention that you have not been diagnosed, is this because it has not been 3 years?

I also have distal atrophy, I think if I get diagnosed with mnd it will be ALS, I am under watch right now. I was at
the ALS specialist on Tuesday, He gave me a script for some more bloodwork for a couple of very rare things and he said I will see you in the fall. As of 3 months ago my emg's were still basically normal, no spontaneous activity.
When my knees 1st buckled, I wasn't even thinking anything nueromuscular. I thought it was from wear and tear
I did alot of walking pounding on the cement outside for exercise to keep in shape after I had my kids since I didn't have the time to go to the gym. I even walked 5 miles a day when I was pregant.
I've been diagnosed with PLS. For 4 years, only my speech has been affected. My limbs were fine. Since January of '08, my left leg has started to drag sometimes and my balance is kind of unsteady. My knee has buckled a couple of times. I am very cautious now when I walk.
Knee Buckling

Hi sral,
My husband was diagnosed with PLS and his first symptoms started with clonus of the right foot and knee buckling of the right knee. After many apts with the orthopedic doctor and no diagnosis of a knee problem he sent my husband to a nerve specialist for his first emg. His right knee buckles with every step and in the last 6 months his left knee is also buckling so you can imagine how difficult walking is right now. This knee buckling is called Babinsky if you want to look it up. It is a sign for upper motor neuron disease. Of course so is clonus which if you were in a sitting position and a doctor would pull your foot towards your body it would quake back to the orginal position. As we have been told this is the symptoms for the upper motor neuron problem. My husband has severe knee buckling with every step now. Take care and hope this was some help. Gracie
thank you all for your responses.

I did not know that knee buckling was babinski sign

The babinski is actually when they rub a sharp object on the bottom of your feet, and the big toes go up and the other toes fan out.
Thanks Crystal. This is what I thought. I had never heard that knee buckling was babinski.

That said, I did hear that babinski sign is an upper motor neuron sign.
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