Keri Brown Stil RIP/praying for a cure

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Jan 5, 2008
Learn about ALS
I was googling als to get some information and I came across the story of this young mother she was only 29 when she just recently passed, her daughter only nine months old. It just broke my heart. In the article it said she never got to see her daughter walk, or call her mama. It just brought me to tears that this little girl will never remember her mom. I pray for the family of Keri Brown Stil and her daughter Kellyn. It just makes me so angry that this disease can do this to a family and take a mom away from an infant child like this. Tonight I just pray for a cure so no more families have to suffer.
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mamma, read Keri's article. Such an inspiration! The article was sad, but beautiful. Such a beautiful young girl. It brought tears to my eyes. May she rest in peace.

I read about her months ago. Very sad. Her progression was so rapid and strangely, I recall she started with purely sensory symptoms - pain and numbness in her foot. I think there must be many variants of this disease.
I know, it was rapid! That is what happened to my son at the end. It went fast! Bless their souls! I was wondering mamma, you see, the way we see the rapid progression, I wonder if they feel the rapid progression. Bless their souls! I hate it when this enters my mind. When it does, I always try to think of something else. May they rest in peace, all of them. I know God has them in Paradise. Bless you mamma!

Oh before I leave, I ran across this Pal on the net. Check him out. I believe his name os Jason Becker out of California. His website is unbelievable. I gotta go to town. Let me know if you were able to pull him out!

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