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Jan 12, 2007
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Obviously, the first thing on mind of those with early stage of slow-progressing ALS is what they can do to keep progresson slow. Unfortunately, in most cases the answer probably is that it is not something they could control. Still, there were quite a few posts desribing events that rapidly accelerated progesson:

1. Banging accidentally one's head badly was mentioned more than once as a cause of going from mild (or none at all) symptoms to advance ALS pretty rapidly.

2. Stress, mostly caused by the fear of the desease itself, was mentioned as causing great deterioration in symptoms, though I am not sure if it actually indicated faster progresson - it is not as clear as in case #1.

Did somebody notice potential connections between other things and ALS progression ? Like going to a different climate for a vacation, etc ?
Great question, I hope there is some good info coming..
My beloved husband who recently passed and I went on two trips in the past year since he was diagnosed. Both were to Mexico which is very hot and humid. The weather itself was manageable - we had AC and brought his B pap machine. The anxiety however is always an issue. The first trip was shortly after he was diagnosed and anxiety (fear of the unknown) was high. My husband suffered from severe anxiety attacks at times and did use medication for that.

My husband agreed to and even initiated our last trip to Mexico shoirtly before he passesd. - I know as a gift to me. He was fine on the last trip. We used a wheelchair to preserve his energy which helped. I always situated us near a mens room as I knew he worried about that and he needed to wear good footwear so he wouldn't slip. He rested a lot and seemed to be at peace on that trip.
I just moved out of my house and the stress made it impossible to walk ,before the move I walked. Now that I am settling in I am getting my leg strenght back It was sooo scary I fell twice as well which I didnt do before the move Prior to the move my progress was sooooo slow only slurrred speech for 6 years Now its weakness in every limb hands and neck. I know its because I never made ALS get me I fought it everyday I pray to the lord alot and tried to live as though I didnt have it.In fact no one knew ow sick I was for the first 6 years I guess denial was my friend.

So yes Any stress is he Enemy!

Prayer and a good outlook have helped me.
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