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Sep 25, 2006
Hey guys! Let me start by saying how awesome you are, both with the info you provide and your supportive spirits!

My doctor mentioned ALS to me after telling him my symptoms. I am just starting to go for all the fun tests and such but am worried it may be als. I am only 28.

I know everyones symptoms are different but if I could get an opinion, I would really appreciate it.

Heres my symptoms...very sore feet, especially in the morning. Extreme pain in my right shoulder (only periodically, it comes and goes). Pain, almost a stiffness in my right wrist and hand (again periodically). The pain seems to start with a pins a needles sensation, then becomes stiff. Small muscle "jumps" in legs, arms and face. Sore throat, almost like a lump when swallowing.

Does this sound like ALS to anyone? Any other possible options? Sorry to bother you and I wish you all the absolute best.....probably heard this before..but...keep in good spirits. There will be a cure for this some day. In the meantime, your awesome bravery, and even sense of humour (as I have seen in this forum), will take you a long long way!

Thanks again!
We are not doctors so it is very hard, and dangerous, for us to give our opinion. But, I will cautiously answer, so take this with a grain of salt.

From what you have told us I would doubt it is ALS. Another person I am corresponding with has the same kind of symptoms and keeps getting told it is not ALS. They cannot tell her what it is either so she is very frustrated. I sympathize with her desire to know, but she is incredibly thanklful they can guarantee it is not ALS.

Do you have any atrophy? Loss of strength and dexterity?
When are you scheduled to see a Neurologist and go to an ALS Clinic?

Good luck! Pray it is NOT ALS! Try not to think the worst, or stress, until you have a confirmed diagnosis.
Hi Jen,

Don't be so worried.

ALS is a MOTOR neuron disease - so usually pain is not a primary or direct symptom.

Of the symptoms you described, only the small muscle "jumps" are common ALS symptoms.

ALS is all about muscle weakening. ALS patients have trouble swallowing because their throat muscles are getting weaker - so they often choke as a result of food going down the wrong way - but a sore throat is not an ALS symptom.

From what you describe - it does not sound like ALS - It sounds like you have more of a blood circulation problem - but you really should see a neurologist. I'm actually shocked that your Doctor was tossing around a possible ALS diagnosed
without more tests.

Good luck.

rcharlton said:
ALS is a MOTOR neuron disease - so usually pain is not a primary or direct symptom.


FWIW--I find it problematic to talk about pain relating to MND symptoms. When I talk to doctors and they ask about pain, I ask them "Is cramping a pain? Can muscle fatigue be described as pain? What about stiffness where it is difficult to raise one's leg?". Sometimes it seems we don't have the English word for a feeling that is somewhere between discomfort and true pain. And then there is the personal threshold for what constitutes pain. I hear people saying the nerve conduction study is painful, but I don't find that to be the case at all! This can make it very difficult to convey, to a very busy doctor, just how one truly feels--and for all of us to describe our sensations to one another.

David L
I guess it's all a matter of perception - pain is very subjective as David mentions...

I think there is a lot of pain related to ALS - but its incidental to the motor neuron degeneration

ALS causes the degeneration of motor neurons - a process which is not painful in itself - we don't feel our motor neurons degenerating - but incidental to this degeneration may be cramping, stiffness due to lack of movement, choking and other pain causing events...

Almost every night i wake up with the bones in my legs hurting so bad i just wanna cry. My feet also hurt very bad. Anyone ever had this.

I've had cramps in the muscles but never soreness in the bones. Feet only hurt when I stand too long or walk too much.
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