Just when you think things cant get worse!

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Nov 1, 2007
Man just when you think things cant get worse and maybe you can have a little relief from the stress bang here it comes again.I just got over the anguish i felt at not being able to go to my friends funeral when my sister calls me to tell me that my mom`s neighbour has called her telling her that my mom is being taken by ambulance to the hospital and is on a heart monitor.I rushed right up to the hospital and got thier just as they were taking her in...she looked awfull had to wait about a half an hour before they would let me see her stayed with her only about 15 min. because i did not want to leave my husband for too long.Still dont know for sure if it is heart attack or not because i could not stay long enough to hear results of tests.The rest of the familly is up thier with her now and i am just waiting by the phone.My mother and i are very close and she has been such a rock for me.Please god dont take her from me now i need her so much.!She is such a kind sole and was crying because she did not want to add more stress to my life....i told her nicely to shut up and that i wanted to be thier with her but her tears just kept falling...i hugged her and hugged her before i left.....another sleepless night!....Gina
I am praying that you do not have to experience any more pain. I certainly don't know why sometimes when it rains, it pours on us...I can only look at examples like one of my best friends who lost his father on March 8 of this year, and two months to the day later on May 8, his mother died, only to be followed a couple weeks later by his wife requiring emergency surgery for a condition which she almost died and immediately thereafter, his son being admitted to ICU for being stricken with this awful staph infection we're hearing so much about lately(MSRA, I think) and almost dying as well.

All I know is that regardless of what it seems at the time, God never gives us more than we can handle.

I hope it all turns out better than it currently seems for you.
God bless you,
I am so sorry for what is happening to you right now....I will keep you in my prayers. Stay in touch with the people on this site, they are so understanding. I look forward to all the hugs and understanding I get from this site. I truly admire the ones that started and maintain it.
Hugs and Prayers.
Oh no, Gina! You don't say! I hope it is not serious! How old is your mom? Thanks a lot for letting us know! You didn't tell your husband just yet, did you? Just in case you haven't, hold off for a while, he does not need the stress at this moment. Just keep praying that your mom will be okay. Please keep us posted. I will keep each one of you in my prayers.
How is your friend, is her name Nancy? Take care Gina, please let us know! God bless.

Thank you all so much for your quick reply....my brother just phoned and they said that she is stable right now.....i cant believe they were going to send her home tonight my brother said absolutely not....something is going on because this is the second time she has been in emerg. in the last two weeks....the first time said it was her kidneys now they are doing tests again to see if her heart has suffered any damage.When they got her in the ambulance they gave her nytroglycerin and now they want to see how she is without out it.thankyou for all your support and prayers i beleive that it helped....We will all know more tomorrow.....hoping it was just a bad scare and a reminder of just how precious our loved ones are to us. Irma nancy is doing o.k but i am sure just still in shock.The funeral service was very unconventional and just what he would have wanted.....you people are all so wonderfull and i dont know how i would have got through this evening if it were not for you......I am hoping that i can help you as much as you have helped me through difficult times.......Gina
Glad to hear your mother is stabilized, sometimes you wonder why things happen as they do, I know all too well that sometimes life throws a lot at you, at times it feels like more than you can handle, just hang in there, things will look up.
I am glad that your mother is better.....will keep you in my prayers.....
Keep your chin up!
Thank God your mom is fine. We are so happy to hear she is doing better. Prayers your way!

Hi again!I am so happy to tell you that my mom did not have a heart attack which is what we originally thought.She is still in hospitall though so that they can figure out what did happen.She is 82 yrs old and lives by herself so i am glad that they are keeping her in untill monday at least.She has finally agreed to get that lifeline thing that they have now.They have not moved her from emerg. to a bed because thier are none available at this time.I am so glad they are keeping her and running more test because this is the second time in two weeks she has been in the hospital.She is however not impressed that she has to stay she wants to get home and learn how to run her new computer!I have never been so tired in my whole life i dont know if it is from lack of sleep or stress.My phone started ringing last night just after 12 and rang every twenty minutes to half an hour when i would answer i would only hear a beep so i did the star 69 thing and it would be busy or no signal at all.I was so worried i could not sleep all night worrying about my mom or my grandaughter which i knew had been sick also.Finally i could not stand it anymore and went right up to the hospital as it is very close to me.My mom was fine well not fine but in the same condition so it was not the hospital and my son phoned and said my grandaughter was o.k......finally my son in law figured it out he said that sometimes a company will get the wrong number for a fax machine and set the machine to send and if not recieved will automatically send it every twenty minutes to half an hour.I got home from the hospital and i though oh my god maybe now i can lay down and get some sleep......not!New people moving in upstairs making one hell of a racket running up and down stairs and stuff rolling accross the floor.I told my son and he started to laugh i said what is so funny he said"Mom im sorry but i just watched a cartoon with the kids and the guy on the cartoon could not get no sleep no how and had big bags under his eyes"I told him "laugh it up big guy you got a new baby and soon and dont call me when she keeps you up all night" anyway just wanted to thank everybody for your prayers and support!....time to get some sleep i hope maybe i will bury the phone somewhere! Gina
Hope you get lots of rest, Gina. It is more important now than ever to take care of yourself, else you are no good to anybody if you get run down! Cindy
Hi!Its me again.I dont know why i am feeling so anxious and on edge today.I picked my mother up from the hospital and took her home.She is doing well and the best that they could come up with was that it may have been caused by the two car accidents that she had in the previous three years.In the last accident she was hit head on and broke her sternum and was terribly bruised from the seatbealt.The damn phone started to ring every twenty minutes again last night and was going half the day again.It took me a good hour and a half to get it straighend out with the phone company and another 4 dollars a month to get that number blocked.You would think that now that i have a little less stress i would be feeling better but im not!I had to leave the house tonight for a while and just sit and have a coffee.I really feel like im gonna loose it!My husband i know is very sick but is unwilling to do even the simplest of things and sometimes seems so ungratefull for what i do do.As soon as i get one thing done he is allready starting on a list of something else that i need to do.I am trying to concentrate on the important things that need to be done like getting him in to get the flu shot and paying the bills on time and it just seems like he sits thier and trys to think of things for me to do for him.Sorry I know that i am ranting but i just needed to talk to someone....Gina
That's OK, Gina. You've got an awfully full plate right now. Maybe somebody could come take your dear hubby out for a ride so you could get a few hours of peace without having to run away from home.
Hi Gina- the stress of being a caregiver is nothing to sneeze at! Too bad you couldn't take an hour or two off to go to a movie with some girlfriends. Anything to give you mind a rest from worry. Cindy
Hi Gina-

Wow - I am so sorry you're way overextended - please take care of yourself - get some time for you - go get a massage - you need a little break - your hubby would probably feel better if you did - God bless- take care of you, too.
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