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Jan 19, 2007
Lost a loved one

I do volunteer massage for hospice and was referred almost a year ago to Mike, who has ALS. We hit it off immediately; and until he lost most of his ability to talk, we had a lot of fun sharing a love of music and laughing about common experiences. I am very grateful to know someone of Mike's strength and courage, and to be able to help him even a bit. Mike decided to, after Thanksgiving, go to an in-patient facility run by a hospice other than the one with which I volunteer. Now I continue to see him, but as a friend rather than as a volunteer.

I started browsing these forums several months ago. Through your posts, I have learned a lot and have also been comforted. So, today I decided to join, but mostly to just say thank you. I have been educated, inspired and awed by what I have read here. You are an amazing group. Blessings to you all.
Hello Saska and welcome. You said exactly how I feel about finding support, encouragement, knowledge and a little laughter on this site.
Glad you decided to join us! Cindy
Thanks Saska and welcome to our group.If you have questions or advice just jump in. AL. By the way can we ask where you are?
Sure, I'm in Lakewood, Colorado - a western suburb of Denver. And Saska was a beloved dog I once name is Sharon :).
Thanks Sharon. I wasn't sure if you were from Saskatchewan or what. It helps when people at least put US or Canada or wherever in their profile. It makes a difference if they ask questions about what groups are around to help. Thanks for the information. We have a few other members from Colorado. Welcome again. AL.

Also I guess you're a bit far away to drop over for a massage.LOL.
OK, Al, I've updated my profile. Saskatchewan would've been a bit far for you to drop by for a massage, too, but hey, if you're ever in the Denver area, be sure to let me know! Sharon
Thanks for both, the massage offer and the update. I do know someone in Colorado Springs. How far is that from Denver?
Colorado Springs is about 60 miles from Denver. A massage would be the least I could do, for all the good deeds you do here, Al. Sharon
My friend is the US Olympic Cycling Coach in Colorado Springs. If I ever visit him I'll look you up. AL.

Hi Sharon,

Welcome! It's always nice to have a new member.:-D

You must be an angel to do the volunteer massage for hospice patients. My mom was in Hospice here in British Columbia; but of all the volunteers they had not one was offering massage services. I know my mom would have loved that.

So welcome aboard! The people here are awesome and kind and knowledgable. Though I think most of us learned the hard way how to care for our loved ones with ALS we learned and did it with open hearts.

Take care and God bless,

Thanks, Sonia, but I'm no angel:). Honestly, I receive at least as much from the amazing people I have been graced to work with than I have given doing hospice massage. Sharon
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