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Jul 2, 2006
yorba linda
hi i'm new to this and don't really know what i'm doing my dad has ALS i think my mom and me have been hoping we could handle this ours selves but today were picking him up from the hospital he had to have a feeding tube put in I don't know what do do my mom is freeking out. We need support but don't know where to go. my parents don't have much money and I don't want my mom to handle this all alone. can anybody tell me about supports groups in my area we live in orange county california my mom
doesn't use the computer much . any suggestions would be great!


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Hi Birdy

Sorry you have a need to be here, but at least you have come to the right place for help. I don't have the answers to your questions, however, i can assure you that some of the other ones on here will come thru for you if you stick around and give them a chance. Al is very good at answering our questions and if he doesn't know the answers he will find out for us or tell us where we can find out the answers for ourselves.

Hang in there and think positive thoughts ,, thats a must dealing with illnesses like this.

Love and Prayers
Hi Bridget. Sorry about your dad. If he is getting a tube in he has had ALS a while I would suspect. I would think you have registered with the American ALS Association. They should be able to offer help or tell you where to get it. The Muscular Dystrophy Ass'n is another one to ask and the Red Cross up here has home care so they may have it down there. They may be able to come in and help manage the feeding tube for the first little while until you get the hang of it. Your own doctor should know where the support groups are or where the county agencies that look after these things are. Hope this helps. Welcome. AL.
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