Just Need to clear my head..Thoughts anyone?

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Jan 27, 2008
Learn about ALS

This is going to be my last thread I post..So no worries. I need to get on with my life and stop worrying and enjoy my pregnancy! Anyways. I just wanted to ask:

Does ALS Twitching go away..and then come back over a period of time? I have been having twitches off and on well 3 episdoes where I twitched over a year and half of time..This past summer I had ZERO twitching until now 1 week ago or so? Is that typical in ALS? Or would there be dramatic changes to my body @ the time?

Do ALS twitches go away when your in movement? Mine tend to disappear as long as I am moving!? they basically pop when I am in relax mode or at the computer.

Last Question: Would my twitching be more localized if it was ALS. These twitches are EVERYWHERE..including private parts..rarely do they hit the same spot twice! Is that typical for ALS?

Thank Yall for the responses- I've got to get ahold of myself.....DeeDee
Id like 2 add

I spoke to my gp nurse today to see when i visited last bc at the time i had sporatic twitching...soon after that appt it went away only to come back a week ago so my question is.. being that was a year ago tmrw .. if it was als would i be having some major symptoms by now?:confused:
ALS twitches do not stop for that long. Maybe a day or two, mabye a good week, but not months. THey get worse until the muscle is dead. Your chances are better getting struck by lightning 5 times in the same spot and walk away each time.

If you've been twitchign for almost 2 years, no atrophy or weakness, your clear.....

it's good you want to get on with life.

good luck and best regards,


Thank you hon- Its amazing how your mind can condem you with just one symptom of a disease. I pray this twitching subsides..but for now ive GOT to get ahold of myself and focus on the baby! God Bless!:mrgreen:
Need some help!

Hello Everyone,

i just joined this forum tonight, basically looking for some help. I have read some of the threads and am sorry to hear all of the stories I have read. My heart and prayers go out to everyone. My father has been to several neurologists due to his intial difficulty walking. They have all told him that he either has als, motor neuron disease or pls (Wow, that was hard sentence to write!) My dificulty is with understanding the dises and the exact symptoms my dad is experiencing and questioning if they are actually symptoms of als. If anyone can help me, please do.
It seems like my dad's symptoms may be atypical of als. he does have increasingly more diffiuclty with his walking. It started out with not being able lift his left foot, which progreesed to his entire leb. He now has much less function of his right leg and his back is deficnitely getting weker. If this is ALS then i undertsnad those symptoms. However, he has a host of other symptoms that are unexplainable, even unexplained by his neurologists. He is often very dizzy, fatigues, has "episodes" where his body becomes completely limp and he begins to shiver uncontrollably, he has blurred vision, is obviously depressed, he breaks out in these red rashed on his arms, feels nauseas constantly and the list goes on. Do these symptoms hold true for anyone else here and do they sound like als symptoms? We kind of feel like we have been left to fend for ourselves here with no support, meanwhile my dad gets weaker by the day. Please tell me what you think!
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