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Apr 17, 2018
North Carolina
Hi! I honestly was very hesitant about making an account on here to just to post to this forum. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and I am well aware that what I am experiencing could certainly just be because of that. However, over the last few days, the thought of ALS or any kind of neuromuscular disorder has eaten away at my mind and become obsessive and compulsive.

I am a 23 year old and 265lb (down 5lb since I last went in March), white male. As far as I know, there is no history of ALS or any kind of neuromuscular disorder that runs in my family. Although, I know that ALS is not commonly inherited so I know that doesn't mean much in anyone's case.

I recognize the fact that everyone has a few muscle twitches here and there throughout their life. However, just a few days ago I had a twitch in my right bicep and the next morning (all of the sudden) I was having generalized twitching everywhere. Before this, my arms had been feeling a little heavy and sore, but nothing that necessarily made me feel like it was unordinary. I have been twitching and slight jerking everywhere--face, ears, neck, torso, legs, arms, shoulders, back. This is also accompanied with a stiff neck (but it could be just because of my pillow and how I sleep). My hands have also felt a little stiff, but aren't weak per say (I just have a constant need to crack my knuckles or stretch my fingers).

To add, although it is probably unrelated, I have had a persistent cough and need to clear my throat for the last month. Although, I did have a sore throat and case of post nasal drip (my doctor said) so I am sure it could just be allergies with that.

As far as I am aware, all my blood work is normal. I was told I have a fatty liver (high ATL), and my blood sugar was 110 while fasting the other day when they checked it at urgent care. They prescribed me a clonazepam, but it has not seemed to get rid of the twitching nor the anxiety. They did a blood test for my electrolytes (sodium and potassium) but it all checked out normal as well. I've *also* had cluster headaches for as long as I can remember, usually just behind my left eye and constant ringing in my ears but that's been a thing forever--mentioned it to my doctor but there seemed to be no concern. I have not had an MRI or anything.

Now, I have been urinating a lot and have had a constant need to pass stools (which have been loose the last two weeks) -- which I told my doctor but they didn't seem to concerned. I always feel like I don't drink as nearly enough water as I should, and understand that THAT too could be a possibility but my anxiety won't let me settle on that.

For the past few years I have struggled with heart palpitations (w/o any kind of physiological cause as of now). One cardiologist believed me to have orthostatic intolerance, which my explain why I have hypertension too (that and being overweight).

I have always been the type of person to fear the worst, because I haven't had the best life. It's just been very hard to focus on anything else, when you have this constant twitching that seems to be worse in the morning and annoying at night (as I am sure many of you might be well aware of).

In all honesty, I am posting this for my own comfort and out of a compulsive effort to feed into my obsessive thoughts about this. I do apologize if I am wasting time here, but the thought of it all has just become debilitating. My apologies.
You don't need to be on this forum. Obesity and eating junk food can cause all kinds of problems. Work with your doctors to reduce anxiety and have a plan to become more physically fit, more active, and better able to control negative thoughts.
I actually started eating "right" about two months ago, and have been avoiding junk food. I appreciate the advice though.
I concur with KIm. I do not see ALS in your post, but do see the need for concentrating on your physical and mental health. To undo a lifetime of poor eating and health habits (which contribute to stress and anxiety), it will take several months of diligent work and correct eating patterns. Not just a couple of months.

Continue to work with your doctor and take ALS off the table. We have one body that we are blessed with in this life and if it is not treated with respect, you can get all of the symptoms that you have listed above.

You do not belong on this forum; lucky you.

Good luck.
Make that three "no's".

You may have issues beyond your anxiety, but please be reassured that ALS probably ain't one of 'em! :)

But as you likely do not have ALS, there's nothing this Forum can provide you.

Except for our best wishes. Good bye! :)
Constant need to urinate was one symptom I developed. Turns out I'm a type 2 diabetic. Absolutely nothing related to ALS. The fact you are showing signs of diabetes at 23 is all the worry you need to focus on.
Thanks y'all. Followed up with my primary -- did lab work for magnesium, B12, Vitamin D, and "muscle enzymes". My blood sugar is normal, and not even close to being pre-diabetic. Everything was normal, except my Vitamin D was low (17). I suppose that can cause twitching and muscle fatigue. Said she didn't see anything strength and reflex wise to have to waste time with a neurologist. Going to try a multivitamin and vitamin D, and hop off here to see if I get better.
UPDATE: Some of the muscle soreness has gone away, but I am still twitching throughout my entire body -- sometimes it gets sore in places where I twitch more frequently. I am going to see a neurologist tomorrow morning, so hopefully I'll get a more definitive answer since the vitamin D supplements and multivitamins don't seem to be helping with the twitching too much. I'll post another update after I see neurology.

Saw the neurologist today—she tested my reflexes, walking, etc. All the tests were normal, no hyoerflexia and the Babinski was normal. She saw no concern, and thinks it’s because my Vitamin D is 17, and my B12 is borderline. She didn’t mention ALS, and said the twitching appeared benign—so I didn’t bother either since she is just sending me for some blood work and seeing me again in two months. Seeing as she didn’t mention an EMG, or anything, I did work up a nerve and y’all were right.

Thanks for listening. God bless.
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