Just got used to Bipap....Now Cough Assist

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Mar 18, 2007
Hi Everyone.......Just wanted to thank all who encouraged me when I had to start Bipap a few weeks ago. Getting used to it little by little. Now my RT has ordered me the Cough Assist machine which I begin tomorrow morning. My husband will have to hold the mask on while the RT throws the switch....sounds frightening and I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight. Read other's comments....some say it really helps clear the lungs. Another said it felt like her nose was coming off.....YIKES! Anyone else have experience with this device or have any tips? What next? Sharon
Hey, I am on the bi-pap at night and I use the cough assist machine to exercise my lungs. It's not that bad. I use it with no help. It's loud and that can be irritating. They can or you can change the suction where it doesn't feel like it's pulling your nose off. Right now I don't need it for helping me cough up stuff, when I do I can change the suction, they should show you and your husband. Please don't lose sleep over it, it's really not that bad. Take care, Rhonda
Thanks, Rhonda

Hi Rhonda,......you are right, it's not as bad as I thought. My husband practiced with the RT here. Tonight we will do it alone and see what happens. The suction will be raised little by little. I'm also glad you can do it alone. I'll look forward to that. What would I do without you Pals. Thanks again. Sharon
Hi Sharon,,,,a piece of cake. i do hate the squelling mine does but i hold it away from the machine(the mouthpiece) and that cuts down on the noise . I use it when I'm getting choked on saliva also it really is worth it . Good luck Jan:-D
Hi Sharon -

Glad to hear things are progressing with the bipap.

My friend Pat uses only the mouthpiece with her Cough Assist. Prefers it to the mask. She is able to tolerate more pressure that way. Have you tried the mouthpiece - maybe it will work for you, too. Beth
Hi Beth,.......thanks for telling me about using just the mouthpiece on the cough assist. I will certainly try it and note the difference. Every little bit of advice helps. Sharon
cough assist

Hi, I just got a cough assist to. It seems to help with bringing up the secreation and definetly helps with keeping the air way open. I use it first thing in the morning when I get up. The cough assist machine and the suction machine certainly help make things somewhat more tollerable. All of the other comments pretty much underscore my experience. I use it off and on during the day as needed.
Hi Buckyand Welcome,........thanks for the info. I've been using it morning and night. It really does help. Not much fun but it stops the choking, etc. I haven't had to get the suction device but am sure it will pop up sometime in the future. Lots of luck. Sharon
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