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Jan 19, 2007
New York
This Sunday, a wonderful movie about the life of Jenifer Estess, one of the founders of Project A.L.S. will be broadcast on the Lifetime network. Please watch, and tell friends and family!

“Jenifer” airs January 21 at 2 pm et/pt on Lifetime
Jenifer Estess has no idea how drastically life can change in a single moment until she's diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease). Now more than ever, Jenifer and her two sisters must band together to overcome the struggles that lie ahead. Laura San Giacomo and Jane Kaczmarek star in this emotional tale, based on a true story, of three sister's undying strength.
I think this the same movie I saw a year or so ago and it was very well done and did a lot to raise awareness. AL.
I was just going to ask if it was playing in the States. I didn't see it in the tv guide.
I'm not sure about the states but up here you have to buy the specialty packages to get the Lifetime Channel. I don't get it myself on Star Choice.
It did run today in the states, it was on PST 2-4pm. I was a bit dissapointed with how it portrayed the research lead by the sisters as a pending cure which I think can lead to false hope. Overall, good movie.
I watched it yesterday and thought it was very well-done! I thought it portrayed the emotions of this whole experience quite effectively.

As for the false hope...personally, I figure we've all got to have hope. Without hope, we doom ourselves to just sit back and take it...making the assumption that nothing can ever be done. There have been so many medical strides in curing and/or treating other diseases. I HAVE to hope that something will be developed or discovered to cure and treat ALS. Just as Jenifer's sisters, I hope it happens in time for my sister, Kathy. But any any time...will prove that my hope was not false. We have to have hope...we have to have faith...and we have to support and encourage those who can bring an end to ALS. I refuse to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut about ALS awareness and research. There are too many lives at stake here.

Sorry for the soapbox! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Hi there, I watched the movie yesterday, it was well done but the book was much better. If you like to read it's "Tales from the Bed" By Jennifer Estess. Hi Elissa ,I've been following your posts and my heart goes out to you. Sometimes writing doesn't express what you want to say. As far as support we all need it. If you can go to the support groups, maybe your husband will have a change of heart. Will he have to drive you? It might be the first step......I know I felt better when we were going, my son-in-law Jack won't go he doesn't want to see what may come for him, we are hoping he'll give in eventually. We are all in this together and it consumes the whole family. Don't give up HOPE ! My very best to you, Beebe
I guess I am the only one that didn't like the movie. I felt that it didn't really show how difficult life is when you have ALS. I mean, her voice was always clear, even know she was already on BiPap, and talked to the doctor that she would need a ventilator. And they didn't show her with any sort of atrophy. But it had good actors, and most important it got the message out, that Jennifer Estess and her sisters founded Project A.L.S.

too bad

I am sorry that I missed the movie if it was playing in Canada.

I really wanted to see it. Any idea if it is playing again, or on video some where? I read the book and am interested in Project ALS.

Hi Marcia, hope you are well.

Hi Barbie

Hi there, It was a 2001 movie, maybe it is on DVD. How is Gail's progression? She and my son-in-law Jack were diagnosed within a month of each other. My Best to you both, Beebe
Beebe said:
Hi there, It was a 2001 movie, maybe it is on DVD. How is Gail's progression? She and my son-in-law Jack were diagnosed within a month of each other. My Best to you both, Beebe

Hi Beebe,

I checked for Jenifer on DVD or VHS, but they never put in on tape or disc. Looks like the only way to get it, is if someone taped it.


Hi there, My daughter taped it on her DVR and said she would be able to put it on a VCR Tape, has to ask Hubby about DVD, but if anyone interested I'll mail it to you. Let me know. Amazing the garbage movies out there and a True story is not available. The book was much better and easy reading, might want to read it. "Tales from the Bed "by Jennifer Estess. My Best to all, Beebe
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