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Oct 7, 2005
I was feeding my mother lunch today and all of a sudden she complained of a sore jaw on the right side. She spelt out on her board that it felt like her jaw was out of alignment and when she tried to chew it was very painful. The gals at the nursing home checked her out and looked at her bite and thought that everything was in alignment. Is this part of the ALS? or does anyone else know of this problem? Eating is about the only thing she has left. I have just had to start feeding her in the last couple weeks as her hands have lost all their strength and she cannot get the food to her mouth. Now this today. She was fed Ensure and she does not appear to have any trouble swallowing.

Please help.

Hi Billie. It could be as simple as a sore muscle from chewing something that she isn't used too. Muscle spasms can be had in the face muscles as well. If I get a piece of meat that is a little tough my jaw gets sore. Not to the point that it feels out of alignment but sore iust the same.
Al, your jaw just gets tired from gabbing! Sorry, you asked for it. Lee tells me that you will just never be quiet. ha....... But, on a more serious note, Henry's jaws got sore and kind of like they locked sometimes. I think and agree that these muscles also get weak. It also never stopped Henry from being vocal. He had more trouble eating twards the end, but still could get food down pretty good. Again, I think that it is normal, maybe not everyone has this happen, but, slow and easy is the best method.

Stay Strong, Carol
Hi Billie,
I went through a few bouts of "lock jaw". I t feels exactly like your jaw is out of alignment. Your bite is off, and it can be impossible to bite down or even open wide. Its awful. The only consolation, for me anyway, is that it wasn't permanent. I've had it once on my right side and twice on he left. Each time lasting a week or so. I believe it was caused by yawning. The muscles in my jaw are week and I think the tendons were over stretched putting things out of wack. Who knows! It was very painful, especially trying not to open my mouth when I yawned. Try that...oh boy! Anyways, hope this helps, tell your mom I know what she's going through. Sometimes misery loves company
Thank you so much for allyour replies. I took mom to the doctor today, which was no easy task. The doctor said the muscles spasm and put her on a muscle relaxant plus an anti inflamatory drug. she said it would take about a week or so. So for now the nursing home is pureeing her food which goes down with not too much trouble.
Once again thanks for this site.
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