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Aug 11, 2007
I was wondering if any PALS have ever taken an antidepressant that made them yawn, huge wide yawns... I took lexipro for three days and i had the worst headache and jaw/temple pain from my cheeks spasming. Right were your jaw connects and bends. Has this happened to anyonelse, plus if i laugh a lot for a long time the back of my head and my face will start to hurt and tighten...
Hi Sammantha, I was just taken off lexapro because it actually made me more depressed, and I have just started on effexor, which I like a lot better.
I also have experienced a tight feeling in my face and jaw that had started since I took
lexapro, but I actually did not associate the two, but no yawning. The effexor has a much better effect on me (so far). Effexor works on two levels, it is a serotonin uptake inhibitor, but it also affects your adrenlin levels. As far as my Dr told me attidepressants
take trial and error to get the right one. If you don't like lexapro there are many others
that you could try. Don't be shy about asking to try a new one. Good luck Cornelia
Thanks for replying Cornelia, i had a bad depression effect from the lexipro too..... I even had a panick attack. Its good to know that there are other meds out there in case certain ones dont work!
Also wanted to mention, my Dr told me that when you take an antidepressant, the
first action is that it will reduce your depression, then it will start to work on anxiety.
I am not depressed but I am experiencing alot of anxiety. So with the lexapro I really
spiraled downwards it was awfull, quite unlike anything I experienced before. After
3 weeks on lexapro it got a little better, but still, so...now I am cycling into effexor
(that is you take half a dose for a week, and then begin with the full dose) but I already
feel a lightening of mood. best wishes Cornelia
I don't take an anti-depressant, but for the last few months I have been yawning huge yawns--so big that I feel my jaw might come unhinged (if that can even happen!). Are those the kind of yawns you're experiencing? I feel embarrassed about them because I'm not really that tired and not bored but sometimes they just begin and I can't stop them. So maybe your yawns aren't the result of medication. Does anyone else have a "problem" with huge yawning?

My yawns stopped as soon as the medication was out of my system..... One of the side effects the pharmacist said is yawning... Its not like oh im tired yawn, its like an uncontrollable mouth open wide yawn! Over and over... I am glad it is gone, almost like a forced stretch of muscle.
I just wanted to tell you that that kind of wide mouth yawning is a very common symptom of anxiety. Meds or no meds, severe anxiety causes you to yawn in that way. I have been there. Years ago, my best friend's mum was dying and I helped him through the whole process. It was an incredibly stressful time. I ended up at the docs office complaining of breathing difficulties and excessive yawning. I was told then and have been told many times since, that this kind of yawning is a classic clinical representation of anxiety. So I doubt it has anything to do with the meds themselves and more to do with the reason you were prescribed the meds in the first place. HTH.
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