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May 30, 2007
Jamie- try to relax this weekend and let us know what happens on Monday.
Yes, my prayers are with you.
Yes Jamie, have a great weekend with your family if possible!

And remember to express your concerns to the neuro, don't hold back. Sometimes it helps just to let the other person know the mental anguish you have gone through, as it is a release. Hope the neuro is receptive to your concerns.

Please let us know the results, whatever they might be.
I was going to go to the deer lease, but today was an emotional day. I'm in shambles and feel horrible, weak and very hoarse.

I'm in a little better spirits this evening and have decided to spend the weekend with the family, taking my little boy to the movies, to the pizza game house for the day tomorrow and cooking a good meal (bass bombs) for my wife Sunday, it's a favorite around here.

I'll give you guys this recipe for bass bombs, they are excellent:

1) take piece of bass filet (or good freshwater fish), slice the filet in 1/2 long ways, to make it long and thin.
2) Take cheap bacon, cheapest you can find, put on counter, then, the piece of fish, then a small shrimp (not required). Then, put a slice of red onion and colored bell pepper. Roll this all up into a ball, secure with toothpicks.
3) Make marinade sauce, consist of natural honey(if you can find it), if not, get the processed. About 16 oz of it. BBQ sauce (kraft Hickory or onion), robust itialian dressing, garlic pieces or powder, tony chaserie (or Mccormic season all), lemon juice, mustard and add water if necessary to make sauce thin. If there are onions and bp's left, blend them together, all in the blender to make sauce....
4) Put rolls in sauce pan or something, add marinade....marinade for at least 24 hrs, make sure marinade covers almost all of the balls, turning them at least once.
5) BBQ them on the pit...they are excellent.......

Take care and thanks to all, i'm hungry now.


I'm definitely pulling for you buddy, because whatever you got, sounds just like what I got! :) So go in there and get us a treatable diagnosis, k?

Have a good weekend and try not to think about it too much.

Thinkin' about you,
Good Luck Jamie!

Good Luck on Monday Jamie, we are all thinking of you and praying for a good outcome. As I pray for you, as I do many many others on this forum, I pray for your wife and little ones, I know this isn't easy on them either...

God Bless and thank you for always being there for all of us....

thanks all you guys and gals...you are truly wonderful people......

I have a PDA, i will sign in right after my appt, 4:00 CST or so.


You'll have a lot of people with you in spirit at your appointment, Jamie; we'll all be thinking of you. You remain in my prayers. Very best wishes, Sharon
This is a special place.

I hope everyone knows this place, is a special place. The people here are just wonderful, and we all feed off of one another. It's like a brother hood...(or sister hood..for you ladies...lol). There are not many places you can go on the internet to and get support such as we all offer / receive here. It's just different here, we're in a league of our own.......literally.....

I am just elated to know all of you wonderful people. You all have truly blessed my life. Whatever it may be monday.....bad or good......i will consider it all good, because the fact that i have had the opportunity to work / help / question along side most of you in here, makes having a MND, an acceptable challenge in which i'm ready to whip its arse.

Thanks to all....

PS: Read that recipe i put up....i made them tonight, by the time you finish lunch tomorrow.....i'll have a mouth full of them and won't be able to chat for a while...lol...:-D :mrgreen::-D :mrgreen: :-D :mrgreen:

You should have whoever the cook of the house is, make these for the family, they are a real treat, something different, just like us. The honey is the trick.

I guess you can all see, i love to cook. If any of you wonderful people ever get within 2 3- hrs. drive of my town, you had better let me know!

Good night, Love and Regards to all...

Sounds like a great weekend Jamie. The recipe also sounds great, quite tasty. Unfortunately, for me, you would have to roll some kind of steak up in that bacon. Fish and I just don't get along!

Monday is going to be a big butterfly in the stomach day for us all. Don't forget a Xanax before you get in there! We'll be waiting....hugs and prayers~Leslie
Thinking of you!

I think we will all be thinking of you today! Have a little "Faith" it will go a long way!
We will be glued on here tomorrow after 4:00. I hope there is not a Traffic Jam!

The Fish Recipe sounds great! My husband is a the Fishing Rodeo, now. I don't think you can get a real appreciation of good fish, unless you live on the Gulf Coast as we do!

Thoughts and Prayers,

Lorie and Timothy:-D
We're al pulling for you buddy.
Hi Jamie Youll probably wont get much sleep tonight Dont forget that Vitamin X. XANAX OLO Been there done that. My prays are with you Hope you news is good,It will surely make all of us happy. God Bless Pat

I've got boiled crabs for you!


c yall later,

Jamiet said:

I've got boiled crabs for you!


c yall later,


Hi Jamie,

You bet I've been thinking about you, and praying for you too, of course! May God be on your side. It's all about faith, sweetie! Are you going to be at Inverness? You're going to Dr. Appel's aren't you? My son was seen by that doc.
We're still getting some rain here. It's been raining almost every day. It's okay, rain cools things a little.

I dreamed about my son for the first time last night. I dreamed that he was running, jumping and what have you. I saw the "Look at me Ma!" look on his face. Then he said to me, "It's okay mom, don't worry I'll be okay. My doc told me I could even go to the gym as long as I don't over do it." He played the piano for me, Jerry Lee Lewis style. What a dream. I have been wanting to dream about him, it finally happened!

Okay sweetie, may God bless you on the 23rd. I hope and pray that he comes up with some good news. Keep us posted, okay?

Your friend,
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