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May 26, 2008
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My husband has been diagnoised PMA. As we look back he has been having trouble for a couple more years.

I have read much of this, very helpful. Of course, we are full of questions, looking for answers and help.

Thanks, for being here.
Dear Jamb

I am sorry about your husbands diagnosis. We too had such hopes that it was not PMA classification of ALS. You are on a good site. Logging on sometime 3 or more times a day for answers, comparisons, hope, help and just support. Overall, a lovely group of people just trying to help one another.

One thing, sometimes very few answer on the PMA support group of this forum, so you can always post on the ALS/MND forum.


New to this myself

Dear Jamb,

Sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. Just got mine 4 weeks ago after complaining for 18 months that things weren't right. A lot has changed in the past year! How is he doing now?
Jamb, when I was diagnosed with PMA, my thoughts were: The news is not as bad as it could have been, but not as good as I wished it were. Of course the worst news would have been ALS. If you do a Google Search on PMA, you will get lots of information about symptoms, diagnosis, etc. No info on cures of course. On the ALS part of this forum, look for a post by Paul Wicks. (I think I am right on the name - if not, some kind and caring individual will correct me.) He has a good post on PMA, what it entails, etc.

I am sorry too, that your husband has been diagnosed with PMA. It has taken a toll on me and my wife. Many ajustments to our lives have been required to cope with it, but we have vowed to keep doing what we like to the extent possible. We have traveled many miles in a motor home, camping, sight seeing, and following our Longhorn teams at home and away. Traveling this way has become somewhat of a hassle, but I don't intend to stop until I have to.

Best wishes. Our prayers are with you.

Bobby C
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