its me again and still confused

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Jul 4, 2006
let me start off by saying i think this place is great. i have learned so much just from reading the other posts. but here is my problem....being that my husband has not been officially diagnosed...(still waiting on doc appts)....i am so confused as to what to think....i read all this stuff and think hubby has those symptoms and then that leads me to sort self diagnose....i feel that sometimes i am more confused after reading
how do you go about reading and not getting more and more confused? i hope you understand what i am trying to say
ATTENTION AL----do you think we are to assume that because hubby is being sent to Dr.Strong that he has ALS? or is this just another appt to rule it out?
thanks for your time
Hi Phyl

I certainly hope it's not what they think in his case as well as mine! What are his symptoms?

It's hard playing this waiting game, hope you get some answers soon.

Hi Phyl. I wouldn't want to venture a guess but if anybody can say yes or no to ALS the odds are good it will be Dr. Strong. They could be sending him there to rule it out too. There are a few diseases that can mimic it as well and I'm sure Doc Strong has seen most of them too so you will be in a good place. Try not to get too stressed. It's hard not too but it doesn't really help. AL.
it's me again and still confused

Good morning,
I understand COMPLETELY what you are feeling. My husband (age 49) started having symptoms about one year ago. It took me nearly 9 months to get him to agree to go to the doctor. In the meantime, I did all this research and reading on the internet and came up with the diagnosed of ALS. But, the neuro dr did ALL these blood tests, emg, mri....took months. He was ruling out other diseases. He then sent him to an ALS specialist - she did her own emg. Based on the blood work and the 2nd emg, she gave him the diagnosed of als. He is now going to go get a second opinion because this disease is only diagnosed through elimination. He will not accept he has als yet - maybe if/when the other dr gives him the same diagnosed? we are just taking "one day at a time".
What is his symptoms?
I will hope and pray that he does not have this awful disease!

You have come to a wonderful support group!

Hi Phyl

I just wanted to let you know I am going through a similar experience. My husband also isn't officially diagnosed. His doctor is leaning towards motor neuron disease but he is doing further testing to rule out other things. I pray that your husband doesn't have it. This website is new to me but find that it helps me with a lot of my questions. I hope it will answer some of your questions too. I think we all search for answers to help our love ones and at times it can make things a little more frightening and confusing. Take care. Sunshine
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