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Apr 3, 2011
Verdict is in.

Doc has decided its CHF. Now he wants to figure out what of a zillion causes it could be.

I complicate things because of my complicated medical issues. I had to laugh at that. Half my meds aren't supposed to be taken with this or that.

I'm on 3 blood pressure meds now. Two CHF meds. Warfarin, 2 a-fib meds. 2 asthma meds. 1 diabetes med. 2 pain meds, 2 spasticity meds, plus potassium and one other I just can't remember. But at least I'll lose the water weight with the Lasix!

Now, without the Medicaid, I've got this 90 day supply. No clue what I'll do after that. None at all.

I still won't do hospital. I just can't. My insurance is a $300 per day co-pay. Where the heck could I possibly get that?

I went and filled all the meds after the doc called with the lab results. He didn't give me numbers. Just wanted to make sure I'd filled the stuff.

I read the side effects, and really don't like them. I have enough issues already.

I'm using the 02 religiously, but the SOB is getting worse. I think the lasix will help. But, of course, I'll go to the hospital if it doesn't. So, if I'm not here, assume I'm there, though I'd take my iPad and still drive ya all nuts.

Only thing good was my blood sugar. It was 83 today. I finally got a new glucometer. I wanted to fill everything while I still have the insurance.

I didn't tell my daughter.vshe freaks about everything. At least I know why I'm so tired all the time and out of breath.

I'm still walking. Just walking slower and being very careful. I make sure she goes with me, so if I feel too bad, she can go home and grab the car.

The shot the pain doc did does seem to have helped my knee. AKMOM, I am kind of afraid to add anything supplement wise to what I'm taking now. I'm just on too much stuff. The above list doesn't include the B-12 shots or the script strength vit. D I have to take each week.

I'm trying to make sure I'm drinking enough liquids to stay hydrated in FL heat, but not too much, and cut out all added salt completely.

Now, he wants me to go in next week for a recheck, but it'll be after the 1st before finances allow for another visit.

Honestly, other than being pretty tired and more winded than normal, and swelling, I don't feel that bad. I'm checking my BP 2x a day. I think they have me on way too much BP stuff. He tripled the dosage of the lisiniprol. My BP isn't that bad unless I'm really stressed, in pain, or sick. My exercising had actually lowered it, but doc says it could be the cause of the CHF.

we will see. I'll keep those interested updated.
Keep us updated, you're on my mind.
We are interested. Usually it takes multiple bp meds to lower it. Hubby has been on three. Hope your feeling better.
Notme, please forgive my duh brain,
But what is CHF please?
Thinking of you x
at a guess...the h stands for heart..........but i hope not.............johnny
CHF= congestive heart failure
Will be thinking of you Patty. Good to lower the salt intake too, be sure to watch the processed foods. I hope you'll get some relief with the Lasix.
Big time bummer Patty. Im sorry that you have gotten this diagnosed. My grandmother had CHF and she lived 10 years after her diagnosed. But she also had another 4 or 5 heart attacks along the way. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers friend.
So saddened to hear your latest news patty,you just seem to get one problem after the other...........i long for you to get some good news or something good happen.

I do all kinds of free online competitions,just waiting to win a real good cash one and when/if i do i'll be sure to split it with you i promise.

Your a tough cookie i know but we are all here for you to help in any way we can.

keeping you in my thoughts.
gone to mod land,my message should be with you soon hopefully.
Honestly, I don't feel horrid at all. I think getting the swelling down will solve a lot of the problem. I will go see him agai next week or so, as I think this much medicine is just absurd.

But, my BP was 118/87 last night. Pretty good for me. (or anyone) I think what was so frustrating is that for the last month I'd been actively trying to get healthier. Eating better, all that. Then this.

I'm still hoping he's wrong and that my body responds really bad to high pain levels. It's not that bursitis is so painful, it's that the other doc spent ten minutes poking at an already painful knee! I don't know what bloodiest could convince him, and I know a lot about blood tests!

I'll be a food little patient and take the pills, as I detest hospitals. There is no reason to believe I'm at risk for a heart attack, believe me, I'll call myself if I get chest pains. I think my history of stroke worried him more (and me, if I'm honest)

Changing my name to pharmacy.
I told someone the other week I must have been a horrid person in a previous life or something. If I read about all the crap from the last several years, I wouldn't believe it! At the very least, I'd be very, very suspicious.

I will never again ask what else can happen, because sure enough, something will.

I am flat out determined I'm not going to get all depressed and undo all the work I've done to get UN-depressed. I'm just not.

I knew my BP was getting really out of comtrol. I take it every day. But I was hoping the breathing was just my normal gunky lungs til the swelling got worse.

I think the new stuff will help. I'm still walking. I still think exercise has to be overall good for me...mentally if nothing else. I just have to stop the arm stuff, because thats simply not helping. My 'good' arm is losing strength fast. No more strength stuf, even the mild I'd been doing, til the neuro gives the okay.

We're going to rent the car and go see Dr. K as soon as I can get in. Someone a while back sent enough for me to rent a car for a safe trip there, and I haven't touched it, so I'm going to go see her and see what she says. Email back and forth is well and good, but she can only do so much without actually seeing me.

I'm still hoping she decides my arm issues are unrelated, but I'm not really hopeful. They are losing inches too quickly. My legs, though, are still ALL UMNas far as I can tell.

It's hard to tell anything with the breathing, as with the CHF, I just don't know what is what anymore.

Thanks for the support, guys. It's appreciated more than you know.
Poor David. Mod land again

Oh, do have good news. My book started selling again!

you are such a good hearted person--how can it be CHF? :)

I am glad to hear that you are working on a healthier lifestyle. That can make a huge difference so keep it up!
Well patty,that is good news............they said on the news today that today was the start of people buying books for christmas presents.
where can i buy yours? though i do like my horror and crime not the mussy mills and boone type lol.
Lol, Olly, I write erotic and steamy paranormal romance. My daughter writes young adult fantasy. Anyone can help ALS guardian angels by using the link on as all proceeds from any purchases of any amazon product from that site are earmarked for Stu, though only 4%, and I've only gotten one payment, but I donated it all, small though it was.

Barbie, he thinks the CHF was caused by my uncontrollable BP. it was down today, but, I'm still gaining 6-8 pounds of water even with the Lasix, not sure why.

I walked tonight, and was very short of breath again. I'm going to give it some time and see if the meds just need time to work. The other potential causes are an enlarged heart, kidney issues or a heart attack I missed.

I have every risk factor for CHF, including a history of renal failure. I'm just very confused as to why it would start after 3 weeks of healthy eating and light healthy exercise.vpeople with CHF are allowed to walk if they don't get too short of breath.

I go next week to be sure there are no new clots in my lungs, but the SOB wasn't sudden like it was with those. I skip meds due to money sometimes, but never my blood thinners.

I found a $3 knee brace thatmismgreat for my knee pain. Doc said I could walk if the shot helped as long as I wore one.

I joined Spark People several years ago. I count every calorie and every minute of exercise. My main thing now is I have no appetite at all. None. I only ate 600 calories today, and that eventually puts the body in starvation mode. I can't eat when food just nauseates me, though.

Haven't lost any weight, but have lost inches and at least two pants sizes. My daughters jeans fit me now. My size 20s float, and they were tight two months ago. I have two pairs of jeans that fit now, her size 15s, and my 15s from right after I got out of the hospitalv6 years ago after the clots and stroke.

So, the 'weight' is all in my legs and build up of fluid in my lungs. But my arms are 2 inches smaller, which I didn't want. I only started measuring with this new diet stuff. Hips are an inch or so smaller, and waist is about 3 inches smaller.

I don't want to weigh 120 or anything. Just a normal weight for my frame. Being overweight isn't great for hearts and BP and diabetes.

I realized its cheaper to eat healthier even. A bag of potatoes and heads of lettuce and bananas go a long way for very little money! We are eating a little meat for protein, but not much, it's simply not in our decimated food budget, though we put some ham slices in our salads and have some meal with meat at least twice a week.

As long as no doc tells me not to lose weight, I'll keep trying. I know I shouldn't complain, it's just annoying for this to hit out of nowhere. Not when I am doing things right for the first time in years!

You all are awesome for the support.
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