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Jan 27, 2008
Learn about ALS
Hey. 28 yr old female...Pregnant...Scared. I have had twitches all over since 2 Saturday days ago. They appear from head to toe random spots none last more than a few seconds. I spoke to my obgyn whom assured me it is not ALS- but he is No Neuro. I had been on Lexapro when I started having I stopped and he has now put me on prozac for anxiety-the first night I took it , it worked wonders NOW its like not working at all..I still have anxiety and twitching- I do not have muscle atrophy that I know of? How would I know? and Weakness? How would I know.. I feel fine but is weakness something I could not detect. I havent had one limb on set twitching- its been all over- I was doing fine til they came my nerves have got the best of me.
I dont know what to do or think anymore- Everyday I get more and more depressed and down and feel lost b/c I am scared.
I had this a year ago- and it went away all summer except maybe one episode for a few weeks or a week if that. Now, its back?
I dont know what to do...!?!?!? :confused:

I know what is like to be scared, but you would definately know if you had atrophy or weakness.....
Anxiety and lack of sleep can cause muscle twitches. Any kind of stimalant such as caffine can cause them and certain medications can cause them even asthma brondilators (abuterol). You can get them from withdrawl from some meds too.

You need to calm down it is not good for you or the baby....
When is the baby due?
try and keep busy by getting ready for the baby is this your 1st?
please take care of yourself...
Hi Crystal

hey the baby is due july 4th-its a baby girl! Find out Thursday. Thanks for your reply. I just cant shake this- I didnt know if WEAKNESS was was what we felt as my legs feel mushy at time..or... if it was like "I am unable to do things i once did w/ this muscle group?". My Obgyn put me on prozac and wants me to seek a psychiatrist for control over this anxiety. He assured me what I was experiencing was not als. But I told my self well he's not a neuro!
I lost 12lbs the first trimester of pregnancy due to MORNING SICKNESS so Im all belly..but I was like OMG, is this atrophy- I would be more scared if I hadn't of thrown up tho everyday for 3 months. Its been a rough pregnancy and NOW I have this fear on my mind. Anyhow- I am hoping the prozac will help , I've only been on it 3 days- The first day I took it I was golden then seems it went away- but I KNOW it hasn't had time to get in my system yet.
Anyhow- Again thanks for the reply. I tell myself again..My Age (its very very rare), Ive twitched before it went away, and my OBGYN doesn't seem alarmed- You'd think I'd be ok w/ that and go on huh?:confused:
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