Itchy skin?

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Mar 2, 2008
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My mom has ALS and FTLD she is constantly saying her skin itches all over. Some nurses told me it could be nerve twitching. Has anyone dealt with this , I'm thinking it might just be her dementia. I've tried every skin lotion, wash everything. Any thoughts?
Thanks, Joelle
Some medications can cause itching. You might check the side effects of any drugs she is on.

Is she getting enough fluid intake? If not, dehydration can cause dry, itchy skin. Also, have you tried adding a little baby oil or baby gel oil when bathing. Oh, and what about a humidifier in the room?

Hope that helps!
I mght try the oil that sounds like it could work, thanks for the help evrybody. Joelle
I don't know why but there does seem to be some kind of connection with dry skin and ALS. I only say that because the subject come up a lot around here...
She actually has a full blown rash now all over her body so believe it is from her new med the pain patch so they took it off and we shall see. Joelle
DUH! Sometimes I forget to look for the obvious! :roll:

And Shatzie gave us a clue, too!
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Yeah but it doesen't mean you are wrong it could still have a connection with both. We are calling her ALS DR. Monday so we will hopefully know more so thanks for all suggestions. Joelle
They took her off the patch Sat but she is still so itchy, the rash went down some but the itching is getting worse. Her arms are the worst and she can't move them to itch them so I feel so bad for her. They tried a new cream which works but only lasts awhile then it's back to itching. I just don't know what to do. Joelle
I had a friend who's daughter always broke out with every booster shot. She used OTC products like Benadryl to control the itch. My son's Pediatrician recommends this for the itch of poison ivy, too. Might be worth a try...
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