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Feb 27, 2006

My name is Manuel Rosales. My previous quote informed you that my EMG came out negative. However, I am getting more twitching on other parts of my body that I did not have before. How I did not have some twitching during the EMG is beyond me. I showed the neuro some of my twitching however, my body simply did not begin to twitch. But then it did. My should and lef arm did.

Either he did not see it or he ignored it. He informed me that some people have twitches and that it is normal. Also, I bite my tongue more than ever and I think that I am getting some twitching. I have indentions in the morning that partially fill in throughout the day. Today, I worked out with my football players in the morning and did ten 45 yard sprints while dragging a sled with 60 lbs.

I have no idea as to what is going on. The other day I was reaching for somthing and I noticed that my pinky and the finger next to it began to twitch/shake. Is this a sign of weakness? I have strength though, what is up?

I am coming off of my original negative EMG high and being hit hard by reality. Does anyone have any advice or willing to share a similar experience. I have a 28 yr old brother with ALS. I plan on getting tested for the SOD1 gene soon. I am waiting on my neuro office to schedule a follow up.

The Lord has a plan for all of us, I just hope that he does not send me down the same path as my brother. Sharing his pain has been difficult enough for our family. If I am stricken as well, it will be devastating.

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