issue with my tongue

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Jul 28, 2007
Hi all
I just joined this forum.

Could I ask you a quick qn plz?
For the past 3 weeks, I have been seeing teeth marks on sides of my tongue.I showed to an ENT,dentist and oral specialit.They told noting to worry.I had diarrhea for 2 weeks.

Other than this I have no symptoms,...i am concerned about my teeth marks.Also when i sitck my tongue out, it slightly quivers

Could u plz tell me whats going on with me
I would think ENT doctors can assess tongue atrophy. If the ENT did not see atrophy, that's good news. It is not uncommon for a person's tongue to quiver when they stick it out. This does not signal a pathological process. Take care.
Tooth marks on the sides of your tongue are very common, too. They can really increase with anxiety.
How is your speech?
issue with the tongue

patricia sciarrino

I dont have any speech/swallowing probs at all.

The ony symptom I have since 3 weeks is teeth marks on lateral sides of tongue.I never had such thing before in my ilfe.I am 29 years old male.

1)Am In the early stages of something or what?
2)Which specialist do I need to contactatc in this regard
3)I have an aoopinemt with gastroentrologits next week because I had diarrrhea/improper digestion during those 3 weeks.What kind of questions can I ask him

Other memebrs of the forum, plz spend ur valuable time in replying to my post

Hi I hear your fustration But you dont have als with diarrhea and marks on your tongue. Were you out of the country this past year you may have a bacteria I dont know why you are so upset. You have no signs of ALS .You have the right appt A Gastro doctor should be able to help you RELAX!

patricia sciarrino

Thanks for ur quick reply

Yes.I was out of US and went to India for vacation in May and June.
Diarrhea started in the last week of my stay in India and continued here for 2 weeks and then this teeth marks appeared.Now I dont have any diarrhea or anything.

Also, Do i need to see a neurologist for these teethmarks?
Also,my beard started to turn grey slowly now.I am just 29 years old without any anxieties.Well, this is not an ALS aymptom I know, but i am just asking whether I am facing any vitamin deficieny/enery wasting thats causing these probems.Also I lost 4-5 pounds of weight during this process.

Thanks for ur patience and i appreciate ur reply
Hi I would just see the gastro MD He will take a stool and blood sample I worked for a gastro and saw alot of this from people coming from India.STill dont know why people go there LOL. About your beard That was going to happen sometime and now is whenit is happening Alot of men have gray in their beards before there heads Now stop worrying and the teeth marks your are probably doing it in your sleep from anxiety,get off this forum you scaring yourself. You need antibiotics youll be fine Pat
There you have it, John. Pat said basically what I told you in my PM. The symptom you need to worry about is the diarrhea. Left untreated, you will lose more weight. Even your GP should be able to direct you. You don't have a scary and terminal disease-you have something treatable but you need to go get it solved. Now. Two weeks is a long time to be harboring whatever bug is causing this. Go first thing Monday morning and get the help you need. Regards, Cindy
I have what they call a nervous tounge-- but they did not see fascicualtions-- One thing to check when you look at your tounge is to leave it rest inside your mouth so your teeth surround it and see if it quivers then-- if it is pretty stable and you don't see any jumps in the middle or sides or that little indenture in the middle of the toung does not seem to be swayed to one side you should be ok-- that is what I have been told-- remember-- anxiety and worry can cause stomach upset as well as weight loss-- are you having any troble with swollowing-- getiing food stuck in your throat or going into your wind pipe-- I went to a gastr dr a few months ago and they had to dialate my throat 2 times-- this seems to help-- but the gastro guy said he saw no abnormalities-- and so did a ent specialist too-- hope this helps-- G
Hi G- I've had that throat-diliating thing done several times. I must say the procedure has improved quite a bit over the years!:-D I think when PALS talk about difficulity swallowing they mean the act of swallowing, not getting food down. I have trouble getting a grape to go down but chocolate cake seems to have no problem! LOL.:-D

Now that my face and tongue get tired I can see what PALS are talking about. The act of chewing and swallowing seems like a big chore if I am very tired. But it is only on occasion and never happens when I am in front of a neurologist.

Come to think of it, I feel like the old automobile that is wearing out. It cranks and rumbles once and awhile and you know something is not right. But it never makes that funny noise when the mechanic is around so they can't pinpoint it. LOL someday they'll be calling the tow truck to drag me into the doc's office! Cindy
Can you explain what you mean by your face getting tired?== did yo have fasciculations in your cheek? I have had this left facial twitching for quite some time and now as they continue and more frequently-- it does seem like the face is getting tired in that area-- does this sound familier?

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