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Sep 5, 2007
Im sorry I keep posting but Im very scared now.

Last week I was exercising pretty much /100-500 push ups per day/ but last few days I decrease it to 100 or so.

The problem I have now (along twitches) is that my right wrist feel tired very very quickly. If Im using PC mouse - its uncomfortable and I feel tiredness. The strenght is the same and I can do this, but this feeling is pretty suspicious. I know it could be due to excersising, but could this be weakness? Or weakness is when you cant use it?
I wouldn't call being able to do even 100 pushups any kind of weakness.
Al: I know it sounds silly..Im still strong but cant understand why my wrist/arm is so quickly tired even while working on computer. My arms are OK (due to pushups) but we all know ALS usually starts from the hand...
Wish I could do one! Though I know what you mean, you are changing. Docs don't consider it weakness until you just plain can't pass the neuro exam. This happened to me last week.
Itr: so do you think its beginning? :(
I don't know. I definitely don't want you to worry until it happens because the docs won't recognize it until then. Been there. If you have an autoimmune thing or viral thing or the kazillions of things that could be happening, you might have a flare up right now. I know that's what has been happening with me, flare ups of weakness. When your strength is down I would to rest the muscles and not strain them until things either straighten out or you get some kind of diagnosis. It's unfortunate that the docs don't recognize weakness until you can't push their hand very well because that's a long way from where we began. Keep an eye on it, it could just be normal for you right now. Healthy people who work out have days they can't do their normal, so don't worry.
I cant explain the feeling - its like tickeling on my skin on this arm and the muscles hurt a bit. This is because of so much pushups but the tickeling makes me mad - I have never felt that!
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