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Mar 12, 2016
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Hello. I am a 35 year old male. For the last six months I have been having many symptoms that makes me seriously scared of MND/ALS. I have been healthy prior to this. So now, the thriller is on, and I have came to the point that I cant resist to share my concerns here… I have found comfort in this forum through others stories and questions, even though it sometimes enhances the focus on symptoms and anxiety of serious illness… Anyway;)
- since 6 months ago; tingling, pricking and light burning sensations, and some numbness, in arms and legs, mostly on the left side first, then more spread. Sometimes also light needle@pin sensations, like for instance on the thumb. This still occurs, but not that often anymore. Then feeling globus in my troat, “lump in the troat feeling”, which is not very noticeable anymore.
- Since Last 2,5 months, fasciculations, quite small, and irregular, but all over the body. Mostly under the feet. Also some urinary urgency, and some “after dribbling" when urinating.
- Since last month, feeling more tightness in muscles, mostly in right underarm, and right buttock. No obvious cramps, but feels tight. Sometimes a bit painful. Also started to feel tightness in the right cheek, clicking a bit on the left side when closing my bite. (I hope it is due to extensive chewing of nicotine gum for the last year. (Have stopped that for the last 3 weeks).
- And then, the symptom that really made my anxiety peak (I was already scared prior to this): For the last 4 weeks, I have been feeling increasing numbness in my right hand, stiffness in fingers and the hand. Feels a bit heavy to close it, but it closes. After 2 weeks I started noticing similar stuff on the left hand. (At least with spinning wool around the thread). Am feeling sore pain on the hand, and on the upper side of the under-arm. Sometimes tender pain when pushing on the middle finger, and on the upper side of the forearm. Feel a bit more clumsy when typing, but ain’t sure if I make more mistakes on the keyboard. There is nothing I can’t do, but I feel less controlled when for instance doing some fly-tying. Might have some dexterity reduction. I might miss things more often with the right hand. At least I notice it very well everytime it happens…
- I feel more tired in the right arm after lifting weights (not heavy training). And the wrist is dropping a bit more downwards on the right side when training the shoulder. I think it is harder to extend right wrist than left. The stiffness and numb feeling in the hand are more pronounced in the morning, when cold ( I think), or when being inactive for a while. Hand feels smoother when warmed up. I have been trying strength testing (the very scientific self administred assessment…NOT) with the use of hand grips. No extreme differences, but feel more tired in the right hand though….
And finally, have had two periods with night sweating, 3 nights in a row getting quite wet, but not all through. Sometimes feeling like the legs are “Jelly”, just awkward feeling of the whole body not feeling in sync… I have subjectively felt that my speech are a bit slurred, but my wife haven’t noticed anything different in my speech. Have slimy troat, but I think I have had that for a long time(ten years or more…). Not sure though.

Negative MR of the head in December 2015, Nothing on EMG and neurography in February -16. (apart from fasciculations in the legs, which were considered normal). No signs in the clinical neurological exam In february as well, but that was before the right hand issues. I have an appointment with GP in three weeks. My kind dentist said he could check my cheek with ultrasound in a few days. And I will call my neurologist to discuss necessity of further assessment.

I am sorry for the long post… Would really appreciate a few inputs. Ahh…I hate to have gotten into this anxiety net… all my symptoms seem to possibly could be related to ALS… (even night sweating, urinary issues….). I sometimes comfort myself with the fact that there seems to be some sensory issues, but I don’t trust ALS one bit when it comes to what it “cannot affect”.
Such a rough disease ALS must be to be hit by, on so many levels; no understanding of the cause, no treatment, and even hardly diagnosable it seems… at least until it has developed quite far… All my symphaties and respect to all of you who are afflicted by these diseases.
I wish you all the best!
There is a wrong sentence in my post: "(At least with spinning wool around the thread)" is supposed to come after the sentence: "i feel a bit more clumsy when tying flies".
Sorry. :)
The bulk of your symptoms are sensory: tingling, numbness, etc. ALS does not do this during onset.

ALS doesn't "feel" tired or weak, it just is.

Read the sticky.
Johan, no ALS.
You didn’t write one single thing to make me think you might ever have ALS in your life at all.
This sentence: “all my symptoms seem to possibly could be related to ALS” is totally wrong. Nothing you wrote has anything to do with ALS.
You had a clean EMG. Great! There’s your answer. No ALS.
Good luck fixing your problem, whatever it is.
Thank you very much for talking the time to read my post, and for giving your opinions!! It means, and helps a lot!
I guess what really spooked me was, partly, the pattern of a weak and heavy feeling starting on the right hand(dominant), then left after about ten days!

And from reading PALS descriptions of first/early symptoms, one can Get the sense that many symptoms are really diverse, sneaky and unspecific... That They might not be distinguished from other problems!

I think i was wrong to describe my hand as numb (since there are no reduction of sensibility), it is more stiff and heavy! And i have more trouble throwing things into a basket less than a yard away...

Anyway. I will just follow and see if it develops into a clear weakness! ;)

Thanks for your help. Have a good week! Best regards
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