Is this considered slurring?

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Aug 11, 2008
San Diego
Yesterday I called to my husband in the backyard and asked him to run to the store and get more dish soap. It took me three times to get the words dish soap out clearly. Then, last night my mom came over and asked me if my daughter wanted a tea set or dish set. I said dish set and once again the words just came out horribly. Is this considered slurring or are dish soap and dish set just tongue twisters. Today, I seem to be able to say them fine, but I know in the beginning with bulbar onset, there are good days and bad days. I'm only 25 and am really hoping this is nothing,
Hi, Kristin ... I think those are pretty good tongue twisters! When my bulbar symptoms started, I was not aware of it. Other people pointed out that I was slurring my words, and it didn't happen with just one or two words. It affected everything I said.

For instance, If I had trouble saying "dish," I would also not be able to clearly say "wash," "wish," "fish," "bash," etc. It affects the same sounds in all words, not just one or two words.

That's just my experience.

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Sometimes when I drink wine, I slur my words. I hardly notice it but others do. Any chance this might have happened to you Kristin?

I don't think so Al. I'm 21 weeks pregnant, so I haven't had wine in awhile.
OK. Just looking for alternative possibilities? Congratulations. My daughter is due Jan. 13. Has the pregnancy gone well? That can throw things out of whack.

Congratulations to you as well. The pregnancy has gone well until I started to get stressed about all of this twitching and speech stuff.
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