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Nov 12, 2007
I have an appointment Monday morning (January 14) for an EMG. My symptoms are slurred speech, swallowing difficulties, foot drop, and physician-observed muscle weakness, bilateral, more prominent on the left side. I know needles are involved and it can be rather uncomfortable. Is there anything else I should know going into this test?
I thought the most uncomfortable part of getting EMGS was laying flat on my back for long periods of time.
Welcome Shatzie,

I thought it was loud.

When we were litttle kids, my sisters and I used to play a game we called, "Tell the Secret." We basically hit and tickled and tortured each other to get the other one to tell "the secret." We were prisoners of war and testing our strength. We had no secret but we never told anyway:-D. I play that game with myself during the EMGs so not to get bored or overwhelmed and it allows me to focus on something else. I also practice what I learned in Lamaz birthing classes. I found a website, in case you did not use it for your 3 children. It helps with dealing with pain.

BUT DO NOT GET ME WRONG- giving birth is much harder but this helps pass the time. I am sorry you have to go through this and wish you the best. Sincerely, Peg
Peg B-

It's funny you mentioned Lamaze, because I taught Bradley Natural Childbirth Classes for seven years and was thinking that I would probably have to use some of the relaxation techniques that I taught my students and used myself during childbirth. You never know when it will come in handy. I recently contracted strep throat after all three of my children had it, and I used the Bradley breathing techniques while I was getting the prolonged injection of antibiotic.

It is not as bad as people make it sound, do your breathing techniques and you will be fine.
Good luck and let us know how you make out.
Have had 3

Not comfortable, but not as bad as getting a filling.

Which one are you in picture ?
You might call and ask if they will give you some pain medication (some places do) otherwise, it's suggested that one takes an OTC pain killer...depending on what your problems are, the NCV (they shock you) can sometimes be painful...the EMG is where they put little acupuncture type needles into your muscles- the computer records the muscle sounds...they poked me near the spine and it was the only time that i actually really felt pain...if you have had acupunture done or got a good static electrical shock, well that is pretty much the most pain you will feel. Depending on what or how much they are testing you for it can take an hour to two (mine was two hours)
Tall John-

I am on the right.
I had five and they arent that bad ,Mildy uncomfortabel But dont take a relaxin or tranquilizer it may interfer with the results I found bringing someone in the room helped to talk to or take a ipod if you have one >good luck Pat

Due to my 8+ year-old computer at home being on the fritz again (for the last time), this is my last chance to read this thread before my EMG tomorrow morning. Thanks for your imput. I agree with you, Patricia, I would rather have an accurate reading and endure a little more pain. I am praying for at least a probable diagnosis tomorrow, but I am well aware that for many people it can take years to get that.
Good luck today. I hope you get wonderful news!
Good luck and we will be praying for you!
Keep us posted.
I had the EMG this morning. It wasn't bad. The NCV part was more uncomfortable than the needles. He is referring me to Baylor. He said that I don't officially fit the criteria yet, but he thinks that it is ALS.
I hope your next tests are more hopeful! I am sorry to hear this, Shatzie.
Oh Shatzie NO!
was it a tech or neuro that told you? if it was a tech, they aren't qualified to tell you such prayers are with you at Bayler
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