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Apr 22, 2024
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Sorry for making you reading all of this but i'm so stressed about that .
At the 4th of jan i experienced a sense of tension on my right cheek. at the beginning i've feared from facial nerve paralysis and after this day i felt twitches at my medial side of my left knee and my left arm and other sites that i can't remember. As ling as i feared from this i noticed after two weeks.

When i went to my neuro doctor and told him that i've this tightness and without weakness and some body twitches he reassured me. After two weeks from the onset the tightness disappeared and i didn't cared about the twitches. I was stressed about the severe pain of my impacted wisdom tooth till the rest of January. On the 5th of February i noticed that the twitches persisted and it become randomly occurring bodywide especially after searching google and telling me it's more closely to be als. Because one month of twitching is too long so i went on the same day to a neuro and i told him. He told me after doing all the examinations to rule out and to seek a psychiatrist about this health anxiety.

So i went on till finding that after two months the twitches persisted i went to another neuro and complained about it. He told me to take inderal and vitamin b12 and made labs to me. All were normal except that the magnesium was 1.7 (normall in the report 1.8 ). They made the power examinations were normal, with upper and lower brisk reflexes. After that they told me we don't suspect it and rule it out and they told me to take anxiolytic.

I went on but with some stress and went to the gym at that time and no excercise was difficult. So after that on the 5th of march i went to another neuro and told him that my complain is: bodywide twitches whenever i rethink about it or when i've exam or stressed or spontaneously and it's randomly from early so that i can't predict when and where will be the next time it will twitch. I twitch more in my both lower limbs and in my both upper limbs sometimes in my chest ,abdomen ,back , neck , face ,and scalp each time it twitch happens in a single muscle not multiple muscles at one time and it twitch like 2-4 vibration per one time and twitching almost 8-15 times per day there are hours without twitching.

So now it's 4 month without weakness or maybe sense of weakness in my right foot but the doctors told me no atropy,no foot drop,no weakness,and no gait,and can raise easily from sitting position without using my hand and walk like 10,000 steps or more in uncomfortable shoes and can play football as well as not skipping leg day .

I'm really afraid but is that really away from als as these twitches are really frustrating and the brisk reflexes ?
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Sounds like the multiple doctors are correct- it is not ALS. You have been cleared by more than one doctor. You twitch. There are normal variations in reflexes and anxiety will sometimes cause brisk reflexes. You do not have weakness.

While your twitches must be frustrating for you, that is not something that we can help you with here, as you have been cleared of ALS. Please follow your doctor's recommendation for supplements and anxiety medication and follow up with them.

Take care