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Mar 24, 2005
i am freaking out worried about my father in law. for about a month he's been complaining about a pain starting in the buttock and running down the back of the thigh. his general doctor mentioned sciatica, but the neurologist he saw yesterday didn't even mention the word. didn't say anything, actually. he's being referred for an mri next and he also suggested physical therapy. i don't know if his pains are shooting or more like cramping (he isn't very good at describing symptoms). he hasn't mentioned any other symptoms, unless he's just not saying. he's not weak - he gets around pretty good for a 74 yr old man.

with anyone else i wouldn't think anything of it, but in this family als is familial. his father had it, one sister had it, another sister recently died from it, and another sister who so far is not sick but is a carrier because 2 of her sons have it (and with her it's probably only a matter of time...)

now my father in law is scaring me. he's always had problems, but each time something comes up the first thing that comes to mind is you know what. (i have an anxiety disorder so i worry obsessively about everything whether rational or not). he's had circulation problems in the lower legs, possibly caused over time by radiation exposure during bomb testing in nevada during the korean war. he's had 2 surgeries over time to fix that, the most recent a couple years ago, now he says his leg hurts. from what i've read most sites say there is no pain associated with als but not what people who have actually been through it have said. i don't know what to think but i can't stop worrying myself into a frenzy.

one site says with familial als people are "typically" younger at onset, and sporadic cases are "typically" middle-age to older. his sister that recently died was 71 when she was officially diagnosed. before the "official" diagnosis they said it was spinal stenosis - she was having back pain. fil is having pain in or near the lower back (starting in the butt he says). but i also thought als cramps (if it's cramps) started in the farthest extremeties and worked its way in (starting in the hands or feet, not starting with the thighs).

does this sound like als could be a possibility or am i just making myself all frazzled over nothing?
Most of the people i've talked to had cramps in the farther extremities first. calves and hands are usually the culprits. some cramping in later stages can be in the larger muscles but this is usually due to stretching or over working it. i think i'd try not to worry about it if i was you ( i know: easier said than done) but it doesn't sound like typical als symptoms to me. i'd try to wait until all the tests are done and found out if there is raelly something to worry about. good luck. let us know how it turns out.
Thank you for taking the time to try comforting my concerns. i know i tend to get overworked over things (the family history has me on edge) and i hate to divert attention away from people with genuine als concerns as i can't even begin to understand what they are going through. actually, i sorta can....if i feel this worked up over a "what if," it must be truly horrible to hear it officially. and on these boards i've seen so many people themselves stricken eagerly willing to help other people. i admire you all.
i concur - wait to you find out more. to ease your mind though, my dad has als and his symptoms are just like what al has posted. i on the other hand have had chronic sciatica for almost fifteen years and what you described is what i usually experience when i have a flair up - a pain starting in the buttock and running down the back of the thigh etc. a little rest, some nsaids (advil etc) and i am good to go.
He told us today tHat at His neurology appointment His reflexes on one side "weren't appropriate" and He also said tHe pain isn't constant. sciatic pain i tHougH was constant, not coming & going. my anxiety is going tHrougH tHe roof again :(
Slow down, Slow down, Slow down, take a deep breath or you will be building a new house soon! sciatica pain does come and go it can depend on the weather, if you stretched a muscle or even if you slept funny. it can run from your buttoch like deb said down your leg and also right into your foot. i know some people who have woke up with this and gone to a chiropractor and they have worked it out for them so it can be on and off. did you read the little paragraph i have under it feels weird? you say your a person who suffers from axiety,, i do too and even need to take medication from time to time but until you get the real facts why put yourself through this. how are you going to get it together if he is diagnosed with als? right now he has a pain in hs leg and thats all you know and thats all he knows. chill out and dont put fear where its not needed and if the time comes and he has als then you will have lots of help and you can vent and get info and cry and be angry but dont let these feelings take over before you find out the truth ok? you will need a lot of strength if the truth be told not only for yourself but especially for him. you can do this!
als about loving someone
Laura - kim is right, i am in a somewhat similar situation as you, my husband has many similar symptoms to als, but also to other things. he has had a few tests that did not show anything and at this point refuses to return to the doctor. he is very good at doing just what everyone is saying, staying chilled and not letting it take over. i, on the other hand, fret a little too much. i'm tired out from dealing with the symptoms (i work full time and keep things going at home when he is too tired, weak, etc which is frequently) and by being tired, i am less able to handle it all and fall apart more than i should. stay with this group if you need, hopefully it will just be a chance to learn more about a disease that people need to learn more about. but, don't let what you read here scare you more than it should. try and wait until you know something. okay, that's it for me. melissa
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wHen my computer went down last week, i lost all of my email addresses in my book. i of course, did not Have tHem wrote down anywHere else ! can you please send tHem to me via my Home email? i tHank you so mucH. i too suffer from tHe famous butt acHe as i call it. it is awful. good days and bad days. anyway, can you please forward me your addresses again. tHanks. love you botH.. xoxox

Carol - i sent it to you by private message. if you don't get that, i'll send you an email. glad to see your name popping up on the forum!
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i Have been sending you email messages for a few days now. i'll try anotHer one again tonigHt if you dont get it tHen post back on Here and will see wHats up.
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i sent you an email carol. did you get it? i sent it the day you posted about losing your address book.
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