Is it PBP-strange symptoms.

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Dec 26, 2006
Hi, since one week I have strange sympoms, which I think are pbp symptoms.First suddenly one small part on my right side of my tongue feel dead.It happend suddenly.Then 5 days later i felt this on the next small part of tongue on that same side .2 days ago tha same thing happen on the rigt side.I fell the moment when its happening, beacuse my tongu feel diffrent-hard to say it how.I can move it from side to side and have no fasciculations on it.Please tell me is it happen that way.I also have pain in my hands and legs muscles and sometimes in my tongue.What do you think about it?What is yore experience with these symptoms?Ive been to neuro but she hasnt noticed anything.Today Im going to see thrat specialist.Also my all muscles are very tired after movin, specially right hand. Im 26 years old.Waiting for your reply.
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Anna. I don't think PBP works that fast. You are over reacting. Try to be calm until you can get another opinion. AL.
Hi Anna- you remind me of another Anna who is about your age and lives in Poland. She was also very anxious but I think we decided that the best way to find out whatever is going on neurologically, is by trying to stay calm and patient while going through all the tests. Regards, Cindy
Im waiting for my EMg right now and taking valium-its easier to managed with it.But when yor bulabra symptoms starterd did you feel it?Because I felt the moments when my tongue was getting weaker, now it stops, but I think its normal in this horrible disease.Im hopeless anyway and Im suffer so much whaen I see my boyfriend and my relatives.Today Im going to psychiatrist, becouse it is getting worse with my mental condition.
Sorry for my million of questions, but does your weaker part of tongue hurts?I have that kind of problem also jaw pain on that side and quivering all over my eyes I feel also some kind of pressure on my cheeckbones.If you have some familiar experience pls dont hasitate to reply.

Desperate and depressed Anna
Hi Cindy. This is the same Anna from Poland. Anna, there are a lot of people here trying to help you. You need to calm down and take the valium and wait for the tests and the doctors to find something. Every day you come here with a different symptom. Your mind is playing tricks on you. No one could have the symptoms you are having so quickly. You went to a specialist the other day and you said you don't believe her. You need to relax and stay off the internet like she said. Stop trying to find more things wrong with yourself. AL.
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HI, Im still waiting for ma DX, bou right now nobody can tell anything untill it will progress.I have question about PBP symptoms.As far as you know i feel my right part of tongue is weaker and hard to move it.When Im moving with my tongue (eat or speak) I fell pain in these part of tongue also the rest of face and neck muscle on that side are overweight and pain.Do you have experience with that?Is it normal for bulbar onset?Right now nothing changed and things are the same.Ive been to 3 neurologist, one is a specialist in ALS, throat specialist-and nothing.I also made my EMG, but its clear.
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