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Sep 21, 2007
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Hi..I had an episode of hematemesis almost a year ago...and nothing has been right ever since..i have started loosing muscle mass recently may be 7-8 months ago ...on my knees first and then on the back of my hands...but i have no trippping or falling episodes or holding to anything....there are twitches in muscles actually on all parts of the body, but no stiffness...i have also experienced balance problems like on a boat feeling when I stand or walk or balance shift as I see it ..i do also get a superficial headache and pain around my eyes. The dark circles around my eyes have increased and my face looks pale...can you suggest me what to do...and do peripheral headahe or balance problems occur in ALS? ..I am out of my country and hence very scared....please help...
Sure doesn't sound like ALS. Balance, headache and twitching can be affected by anxiety. Have you ever seen a doctor and discussed the muscle mass or any of these issues? 7 or 8 months seems like a long time to lose muscle mass without greater symptoms of weakness.

Some advice:

1) Don't self-diagnose yourself.
2) Don't let anyone on a message board diagnose you.
3) Go see a doctor.
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Jeliota's advice is good. There is nobody on this forum qualified to give you medical advice. You don't say where you are but if you need medical care and are away from home then the place to start may be an urgent care unit at a hospital. Good luck.

Glad you found us, it's scary to have symptoms that you aren't sure the cause of. There are many people on this forum willing to help, so feel free to ask questions.

Did the docs ever conclude why you had hematemesis. That in itself is very scary. I would bet you have already been seeing docs, but what kind of tests have they done, EMG's, MRI's, etc. Have you had all the regular blood tests?

These are all a good place to start, which I am sure is all you were asking from us on the forum....some support and advise! Like I said, feel free to ask, there are plenty of people here in your position and willing to help answer your questions. :)
thanx a lot..

first of thank you for replying..alll of u ...i have posted on many als forums recently but never got a reply... I was suffereing from a very bad acidity problems before the haematemesis incident happened...once we guys were partying late ..boozing as well...the cause for haemetmesis was a mild bruise caused by the acidiy on my lower euosophaghus...the booze added on to it and I vomitted blood...then i was ok for a while...when suddenly the peripheral headache sarted...i had my CT scan done but nohing apeared on it as per the doctor...i also visite the neuro physican..but thattime i dint have this balane loss and wastage of muscles...CBC was nrmal untill now..done twce or thrce in 6 months..thyroid profile also was mom has thyroid ..hence it was also done..the muscle wasting was pretty less earlier and not noticable to anyone except me...its is now noicable in my knees and wrists..i aso get twitchs everywhere while resting...and at night as I lay on my bed get intenal tremors in my body...i cant explain what exactly ...once i finish with the project i would get back to india and visit the doctor again...any suggestions plase let me kow..please..?
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