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Oct 6, 2003

I wish I could answer exactly what he is feeling. I was 37 too when I was diagnosed. I was angry too. And at times, I still am. he needs help as I did. This disease is so devastating that it affects your emotions. "Why me" crossed my mind more than once. try and get on his good side and don't give up. As the illness progresses he will have no choice but rely on help. Whether it is family or nursing, likely both. There is nothing like family. my mother says to me. I did when you were a baby and I'll do it again. My wife is my main care person but it's too much for one person. You almost have to build a team for his care between health care and family. Perhaps he is feeling the embarrassing part of being helped by others. The progression can move slowly and then quickly. It is different with everybody. What is his stage now? What were his first affects?
I hope this answers some of your questions. please feel free to contact me any time. It's been 5-6 years for me and I don't mind talking about living with als.

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