Irritation from bi-pap

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Zina Perry

Jan 5, 2008
Loved one DX

Does anyone have any suggestions for irritation on the nose from the bi-pap. I tried putting moleskin on the face mask and durofoam on his nose but Mike still is about to get a sore on his nose. I have adjusted the face mask and don't know of anything else to do. I would appreicate any suggestions. He was diagnosed in December of 2007 with onset in respiratory and Co2 levels are not good. He needs to be on the bi-pap as much as possible. This disease has been VERY progressive with him. Thank you for your support.

Zina Akin Perry
Hi Zina, my husband had the same problem.He has very dry skin so i was putting lotion on his face apparently a big no no somehow interacts with the synthitic material the mask is made of so now i make sure i wash his noce at the bridge to be sure thier is no residue or oils and did the same to the far so good!......,Gina
Try keeping the lotion- I use vaseline- around his nostrils when he is NOT using the machine. It helps clear up the chapped area and eventually his skin my adapt to the pipap.
Any chance the mask is slightly too small for him or pulled too tight on the straps at the top of the nose?
Hi Zina,

Have you tried nose pillows instead of a mask? KY Jelly makes an effective, safe barrier/gaskit between the nostrils and pillows.

He tried the nose pillow and cannot stand the pressure. The nurse said it is caused from pressure, so we have covered the area with duro-derm and hope it will clear. We are going to try a different mask in the daytime. It has a gel pad on it and he also has a new mask for night that has an adjustable knob at the top. They think his nose will adjust after a while. He really needs to use the nasal pillow in the daytime but can't. He has to wear the bi-pap as much as possible due to the CO 2 levels. We will take this one day at a time and hope for the best. Thank you for your reply.

Zina Akin Perry
Rusk, Texas
Dear Zina,

I've seen a skin colored protective tape used by some people with bipaps but I don't know what it's called. It's not the same fabric as a bandaid, it looks more flexible and rubber like. My mum also needed her bipap all the time, but it had a blue gel pad and she never got any sores with that. Hopefully that will work for Mike too.

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